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2021 Masters Full Tournament Props, Best Bets and Free Picks

Full Masters Tournament props are always my favorite to place. It gives you something to cheer for all weekend long, and is typically a collective effort by the entire Masters Tournament field.

Here are my full 2021 Masters Tournament props, best bets and free picks.

2021 Masters Tournament

Two Masters Tournaments in a matter of six months? How lucky are we?! To many of you, it may seem like we were just talking about Jordan Spieth in the Masters Tournament not long ago, and that’s simply because we were.

Even though we are all thankful the PGA found a way to host the 2020 Masters Tournament, it was just not the same. All feels right again, as it is April, the azaleas are in full bloom and we are set to hand out another green jacket from Augusta National.

Masters 2021 Schedule

Thursday, April 8: 3-7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Friday, April 9: 3-7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Saturday, April 10: 3-7 p.m. ET, CBS
Sunday, April 11: 2-7 p.m. ET, CBS

2021 Masters tournament props picks odds
Credit: Kelvin Kuo/USA TODAY Sports

2021 Masters Full Tournament Props and Best Bets

We are going to start off with my absolute favorite bet of the Masters Tournament year in and year out. I bet this every single year, usually with great success.

Will there be a hole in one?

Take “no” in the “will there be a hole in one” prop.

Yes, it’s true that hole in ones do happen at Augusta, but the likelihood that it will not happen is MUCH higher than the chance that it will. People love to bet yes on this prop, because who doesn’t love a good hole in one? However, the books know this, and they also know that people don’t even need to be incentivized to bet the “yes” option, so they make you lay money.

This year, it is -162, which seems very steep to me for a prop that, more often than not, does not hit. Instead, give me the plus money on the option that is more likely to hit anyway. Plus, you can always take solace in the fact that even if you are wrong, and there is a hole in one. You may have lost the bet but you still get to see something cool.

But if you’re going to give me plus money on a statistically probable bet, I’m going to take it every time.

If you like this bet and want to narrow it down even further, you can bet on hole 16 specifically, which obviously increases your chances of being correct tenfold. If this peaks your interest, you can get it at -150.

Masters Picks: Will There Be a Hole in One? No – (+120)

These next two picks are meant to be played together, as I see one of them likely hitting, while you hedge with the other.

Will the tournament be decided by a playoff? | Winner to birdie 72nd hole?

This Masters Tournament is going to be close. I firmly believe we will not have a runaway winner, and that it could be clogged at the top of the leaderboard as we head into the final stretch on Sunday.

Because of that, I like “yes” on “Will tournament be decided by a playoff” and “Winner to birdie 72nd hole”.

Obviously you can not hit them both, but at +400 and +500 respectively, all you need is one to come out ahead.

I see the final hole playing out as follows; two golfers roll up to the 18th tee tied, one of them pars, one of them birdies. Or, in the same vain, a golfer tees off the 18th tied with someone already in the clubhouse. He either gets aggressive and wins it with birdie, or plays it safe, makes his par, and moves on to the playoff.

I am rolling with a full unit on each of these, but even a half will ultimately put you in the green.

Masters Picks: Tournament Decided by Playoff – Yes (+400) / Winner to Birdie 72nd Hole (+500)

The next prop on my list needs very little explanation. It unfortunately requires you to lay -162, but the upside is that it is very likely to hit.

2021 Masters Champion from USA?

We are simply betting on the 2021 Masters Champion to be from the USA. The amount of talent representing the United States on the course this week, as always, is astounding. History is on our side with this bet as well, as six of the last nine winners (67%) have waived the red, white and blue.

You can take it back even further, to the past 20 winners, and nothing really changes as 13 of them (65%) have been from the USA.

Masters Picks: 2021 Masters Champion From USA (-162)

My final full Masters tournament prop is simply a value bet. I will likely roll with half a unit, but at 33 to 1 odds, it is worthy of whatever fraction of a unit you see fit.

Left-handed Masters Tournament winner?

The bet is simple. We are taking a left handed player to win. Any lefty will do.

Now, the reason the odds are so long is because there are only five left-handed players in the entire field, and really none of them are very likely to win. Your best shots at cashing this will be through Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson, who are not exactly favorites at 100-1 and 175-1 odds, respectively.

Crazier things have happened though, and they do have five green jackets between them. To me, it is worth a shot.

Masters Picks: Left Handed Masters Tournament Winner (+3300)

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