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2020 NBA Title Odds

2020 NBA Title Odds

Now that the NBA Draft Lottery has concluded, Caesars has released the 2020 NBA title odds.

Here are the full team-by-team odds. To take advantage of these great odds, it would be worth it to place a couple bets right now, and you could be in prime position to hedge your bets next postseason to ensure a profit.

Clearly, the biggest surprise on this list is the Knicks having the third-best odds to win it all next season. After finishing with the league’s worst record, Knicks fans were disappointed to only receive the third pick in the draft. However, if they were to land both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in free agency, I bet that bitterness fades away a little. Looking at their current title odds, this could actually become a reality.

For our full NBA Lottery mock draft, you can CLICK HERE.



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