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2020 FlurrySports Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft

It is official: the first FlurrySports Expert Fantasy Football Mock Draft is in the books. Let’s take a look at how it played out, with comments from each expert on their favorite and least favorite pick, some strategies that they used to draft their team and also who each feels is the best team, aside from their own, of course. This draft was for a 12-team PPR league, with teams starting a QB, 2RB, 3WR, a TE, K and DST, with six bench spots.

#1 Steve DeAngelo (@FantasySavvy)

1.01 — Christian McCaffrey

Lamar JacksonChristian McCaffreyKenny GolladayDallas GoedertRobbie GouldLos Angeles Chargers
Jonathan TaylorJalen ReagorIrv Smith Jr.
Raheem MostertDeebo Samuel
Ronald Jones IIDarius Slayton
Curtis Samuel
Bryan Edwards

Favorite Pick: My favorite picks are between Jalen Reagor in the sixth round or Deebo Samuel in the seventh…maybe Slayton in the eighth? I don’t know, all these guys I feel will ball out this year. Let’s go with Reagor, since he’s probably my favorite rookie WR.

Least Favorite Pick: My worst pick, Dallas Goedert in the 10th. I sort of faded TE in this draft, but I also got Irv Smith in the 12th. Both guys are highly-talented, with some experience under their belt, so I feel okay here.

Strategy: I am usually looking to grab two RBs within the first three rounds, but after selecting first overall, I adjusted to my draft position and to the board. I usually wait on QBs, but Jackson was sitting there and there were RBs who I felt I could get in the fourth and fifth rounds that I would be happy with. Even after passing on RB in rounds two and three, I feel strongly my strategy worked out.

Favorite Team: Best team other than mine? This was tough. I went back and forth between @AggieKappaSig and Trevor_Land, but let’s go with Trevor_Land. He selected Ekeler with the last pick of the first, Sanders with the first pick of the second, along with Russ, Cooper, A.J. Brown, Sutton and Gronk. Solid starting squad. Cooper seems to be undervalued this season, but he’s still an elite WR in this league. I also like the Dobbins, Pollard and Boston Scott picks.

#2 Kevin Schroeder (@SchroederCoach)

1.02 — Saquon Barkley

Patrick MahomesSaquon BarkleyAllen RobinsonDarren WallerHarrison ButkerNew England Patriots
LeVeon BellStefon Diggs
David JohnsonChristian Kirk
Duke JohnsonCeeDee Lamb
Alexander MattisonParris Campbell
AJ Dillon

Favorite Pick: My favorite pick was David Johnson in the fifth round, as I think he will get all of the work he can handle this season, as long as he can stay healthy. After the Texans parted with DeAndre Hopkins this offseason, Bill O’Brien desperately needs David Johnson to pan out, and it is not often you can find a bell cow this late in the draft.

Least Favorite Pick: I did reach a bit on CeeDee Lamb, taking him over more established vets in the ninth round. I just think that he has such high playmaking ability. I was more excited to have him than the guys ranked above him, at the time.

Strategy: Going into the draft, I decided to use Value Based Drafting (VBD) to find players to try to get the best player available at each pick, not focus on positions or needs. I typically wait on QB, but when Kelce and Kittle were picked right before me, I decided to take Mahomes at two, then was able to still get three RBs who should be locked into 20+ touches per week, with Saquon Barkley, LeVeon Bell and David Johnson.

Favorite Team: I like Zach Brunner’s team and his balanced roster. Stafford is seemingly always available late in drafts and always produces. Kamara and James Conner form a nice 1-2 punch at RB. DJ Moore, TY Hilton, and Jarvis Landry are all solid and then you add in Kelce and some high upside bench guys like Kareem Hunt, Antonio Gibson, and Brandon Aiyuk and I think this is the most well-rounded team.

#3 Ryan Carlson (@rcarls21)

1.03 — Ezekiel Elliott

Matt RyanEzekiel ElliottJuJu Smith-SchusterGeorge KittleJustin Tucker Minnesota Vikings
Tom BradyTarik CohenKeenan Allen
Tevin ColemanTerry McLaurin
Sony MichelTyler Boyd
Adrian PetersonJustin Jefferson

Favorite Pick: Overall, I like my squad, but I’m not in love with it. My favorite pick would have to be Terry McLaurin in the fifth. I’m higher on him than most, so getting him there is great value to me.

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick was George Kittle in the second. I’m a “wait on tight end and quarterback” guy, for the most part, so taking a tight end in the second was just too early for my liking. I was really hoping one of the running backs was going to fall in the second, but the draft didn’t shake out that way.

Strategy: I usually take best RB available, unless I’m a the end of the draft order. Then, I like the WR1, RB1 turn combo. Drafting in the early first, I took one of the obvious backs, then hope a solid RB or WR falls. I ended up going Kittle, as no one I liked fell to that spot.

Favorite Team: My favorite team in the draft would have to be from the 11th slot, in Luke’s team. Starting the draft with Hill and Hopkins, then pairing them with Gurley and Fournette is going to be tough to beat, if the running backs stay healthy.

This draft was conducted prior to Leonard Fournette being released by the Jaguars.

#3 Zach Brunner (@FantasyFlurry)

1.04 — Alvin Kamara

Matthew StaffordAlvin KamaraDJ MooreTravis KelceChris BoswellBuffalo Bills
Cam NewtonJames ConnerTY Hilton
Kareem HuntJarvis Landry
Latavius MurrayMike Williams
Antonio GibsonBrandon Aiyuk

Favorite Pick: My favorite pick is Matthew Stafford as my QB1, at 13.04. Not only did I get to take 12 players before my starting QB, I got a player that was QB4 on a per game basis last season. Getting someone like that at the end of drafts makes waiting at the position worth it.

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick was probably T.Y. Hilton in the fourth round. I believe Hilton finishes there, if not higher, assuming he is healthy most of the season. However, this is my least favorite pick because I believe he would have been there for my next pick.

Strategy: Prior to the draft, Jake and I decided to have predetermined draft strategies, which we discussed live at, where we will have many fantasy shows this season. I entered the draft with the strategy of waiting until the double-digit rounds to take a QB. Once I got to Round 10, I liked the remaining depth, I waited even longer, then took Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton, two players I think have top-eight potential, assuming they stay healthy.

Favorite team: My favorite team, other than my own, is Chris’ squad, based on who he has in his starting lineup. Wentz was a solid value, his RBs are really solid, Ertz is obviously a stud and those WRs are a bit overlooked. If Tyler Lockett can show up to play, I think his team is tough to beat.

#5 Christopher Pinto (@AggieKappaSig)

1.05 — Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Carson WentzClyde Edwards-HelaireRobert WoodsZach ErtzWil LutzPittsburgh Steelers
Nick ChubbTyler Lockett
Cam AkersJamison Crowder
James WhiteHenry Ruggs III
Preston Williams
Breshad Perriman
Larry Fitzgerald

Favorite Pick: Nick Chubb. In his 32-game career, he has amassed a total of 490 carries for 2,490 yards, plus 56 receptions for 427 yards and a total of 18 touchdowns. Chubb now gets the benefit of adding a coach in Kevin Stefanski, where he has been extremely run heavy. This plays into Chubb’s strengths, obviously. Claiming Chubb at the 2.08 was a steal, as he could be the league’s leading rusher. 

Least Favorite Pick: CEH, I know I know, my first round selection at the 1.05 was CEH??? I really wanted to construct a team with him as the first rounder and see what I could do. The talent is there, as he showed at LSU. Mahomes wanted him as his back, and Reid has compared CEH to Brian Westbrook! If that’s not enough to make you think, Kareem Hunt was in a similar role his rookie year. Drafted by the Chiefs to be the backup, due to an unforeseen issue becomes the starter, finishes his rookie year averaging 18 carries and four receptions a game. All without Patrick Mahomes. CEH is, at his ceiling, I believe at the 1.05, and that’s why he is my least favorite pick. I mean, who likes spending retail on anything? 

Strategy: If you have ever listened to my podcast, you would know that I am a RB guy. I want as many RBs in the first seven rounds as possible. The first two selections ended up being back-to-back RBs. The position is so thin it’s crazy. So, with the first seven rounds, I went four RBs, keeping true to my initial game plan.

Favorite Team: The team that drafted out of the eighth seat, Tanner Rohr. One of four teams to draft RB/RB and selecting Henry/Drake as the core of their team was excellent. Then, to follow it up with Thielen and Metcalf is awesome! 

#6 Jake Sennholz (@SennholzOnSport)

1.06 — Michael Thomas

Dak PrescottAaron JonesMichael ThomasAustin HooperJake ElliottNew Orleans Saints
Melvin GordonMike EvansJared Cook
Kerryon Johnson DeVante Parker
Nyheim HinesJulian Edelman
Jerry Jeudy
Allen Lazard

Favorite Pick: My favorite pick was Jerry Jeudy at 7.10. I think that he will produce much more than the guys who were taken around him. Rookies can be dangerous and risky, but there has been so much talk about how polished this young receiver is, and many have said he is one of the best route runners they have EVER seen enter the league. Drew Lock is not incredibly accurate past 15 yards, so Jeudy will have to make the most of his opportunities down the field, but can expect to see a ton of action in the slot.

Least Favorite Pick: Here, I have to go with Kerryon Johnson at 6.09. I just don’t trust a guy whose ADP has dropped every single season. Stafford is back, which means they will throw the ball more, and Johnson is having to compete with and share time with D’Andre Swift, who many people are very high on. I took Johnson because I was low on RB, and he was the best available at the time. If I was to do the draft over, I may look at someone further down the board with breakout potential, rather than a guy who has been slightly underwhelming, even when getting the bulk of the carries.

Strategy: I had decided before the draft that I was going to take a QB early on. I ended up with Dak Prescott in the fourth round instead of the fifth, simply because Calvin Ridley was taken one pick before that, and he was who I had my eye on. I am a believer that you can go get your QB in the early rounds without having to be ashamed of it. Dak is going to have a monster year, and I wanted to make sure he was on my team. I also aimed to go heavy on pass catchers this year, which I believe I did so successfully, nabbing Michael Thomas early, then getting some value guys in later rounds who could have huge offensive rolls.

Favorite Team: Swift456 – The depth on the back end of this roster isn’t great, but it probably doesn’t need to be with the extreme amount of talent and production he locked in through the first few rounds. He’s got the QB1 and RB1, in Jackson and McCaffrey, a top WR star in Golladay, and a solid supporting cast of running backs.

#7 Brandon Shoemaker (@FFRelevant)

1.07 — Dalvin Cook

Josh Allen Dalvin CookChris GodwinHayden HurstGreg ZuerleinLos Angeles Rams
Ben RoethlisbergerMark Ingram IIOdell Beckham Jr.Mike Gesicki
David MontgomeryCalvin Ridley
Marlon MackAnthony Miller
DeSean Jackson

Favorite Pick: I was particularly happy to be able to snag Calvin Ridley at the 4.06 in this format, making him my WR3 behind Chris Godwin and OBJ. 

Least Favorite Pick: In retrospect, I regret acquiring Hayden Hurst at 8.06.  This pick turned out to be a reach, as I grabbed Mike Gesicki for his value at 10.06. Doubling up on TE that early cost me the ever-important Alexander Mattison, who was picked at 11.02.

Strategy: Coming in, I really thought I’d be able to exploit the lack of depth in this mock. I’m used to superflex, TE premium and multiple flex spots in fantasy drafts, so my focus was to get position players quickly and de-emphasize the RB position. 

Favorite Team: I feel okay about this team, but it may struggle come playoff time. Kevin Schroeder’s starting lineup and RB depth are impressive and could make a run for the title.

#8 Tanner Rohr (@FFNugget)

1.08 — Derrick Henry

Drew BreesDerrick HenryAdam ThielenTyler HigbeeYounghoe KooBaltimore Ravens
Kenyan DrakeDK MetcalfJonnu Smith
Devin SingletaryMichael Gallup
Chase EdmondsDiontae Johnson
Darryton EvansSammy Watkins

Favorite Pick: My key pick of the draft was Michael Gallup in round six. By selecting Singletary (a guy I like more than most) to bolster my running back corps, that included Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake, I took a gamble that either Brown or Gallup, two of my favorite values this year, would fall to me. Gallup recorded over 1,100 yards in just his second season, while missing two games.

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick was DK Metcalf in round four. I love the player and think he’s going to ball out in year two, but I was reaching for him there. I felt obligated to take a wide receiver because it’s a three wide receiver PPR league. I was hoping that either Cooper Kupp (went eight picks before) or AJ Brown (went four picks before) would be available, because they are in a tier above Metcalf for me.

Strategy used: 99% of the time I will not leave a draft without two running backs in the first two rounds. Then, I hit wide receiver in the middle rounds, where guys like Cooper Kupp, AJ Brown, Marquise Brown and Michael Gallup are always available. Then, I’ll look at quarterbacks. After that, it’s all about upside (ahem, Cam Akers).

Favorite Team: I really like what @AggieKappaSig did in the draft by starting with Clyde Edwards-Helaire and following that with Nick Chubb. You will not find a bigger CEH supporter than me and Chubb is arguably the best pure runner in football. He followed that up with two underrated, yet certified, ballers in Robert Woods and Tyler Lockett, who will catch a lot of passes. Then, he selected Akers in round six, who is going to win people championships, if things fall the right way.

#9 Hunter Skocylas (@HunterSkoczylas)

1.09 — Josh Jacobs

Aaron Rodgers Josh JacobsCooper KuppEvan EngramMatt GayChicago Bears
Jared GoffJoe MixenDJ Chark
D’Andre SwiftWill Fuller
Zack MossGolden Tate
Mecole Hardman
Michael Pittman Jr.

Favorite Pick: My favorite receiver this year is DJ Chark Jr., and I was pumped to grab him in the fourth round after taking Cooper Kupp in the third. Chark’s upside is endless, despite being on the poor Jaguars offense. If quarterback Gardner Minshew has somewhat of a breakout season this year, he’ll be his primary target. The way I look at it is the Jags will likely be down most games this season, which means they’ll throw a bunch, and that just opens up many opportunities for Chark to have a great season. 

Least Favorite Pick: I am all aboard the D’Andre Swift hype train this season because of his production in Georgia, but it’s going to be a guessing game for a few weeks whether or not he’ll be getting the start. If he does, he’ll be splitting carries still with Kerryon Johnson. I love Swift’s talent and upside, but in the fifth round, I was hoping to get someone like Devin Singletary or Mark Ingram just for safety and assured value. 

Strategy: I have always been an avid “zero-RB” fantasy guy when it came to drafting, but this year is very different, as there are so many wide receiver values available late rounds that going with zero running backs through the first couple rounds seems pointless. My plan this whole season has been to grab two high-tier running backs with my first two picks, then grab a wide receiver of equal value and take all value picks from there on out.

Favorite Team: Overall, my favorite team, other than my own, has to be @AggieKappaSig. I love the chances of taking so many rookies like Edwards-Helaire, Ruggs, and Akers, but there still isn’t much risk because of the safe players like Nick Chubb and Robert Woods. Not to mention the starting QB is Carson Wentz, who is poised to have a great season in 2020 and was also taken in the 11th round. This team is certainly dangerous and has the potential to put up big numbers on a weekly basis.

#10 Yosef M (@YosefM613)

1.10 — Davante Adams

Deshaun WatsonChris CarsonDavante AdamsMark AndrewsKa’imi FairbairnSan Francisco 49ers
Daniel JonesJordan HowardJulio Jones
Phillip LindsayMarquise Brown
Darrell HendersonBrandin Cooks
Ke’Shawn VaughN’Keal Harry

Favorite Pick: My favorite pick is Julio Jones with the fifteenth overall pick. Having Jones at WR2 gives me the best receiving corps in the league, with Davante Adams, Marquise Brown, and Brandin Cooks.

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick is Jordan Howard, who is on a bad team will be splitting time with Matt Breida. With that said, I needed a second running back and he was the best one out there. I had to reach to get him, but there wasn’t a better option.

Strategy used: I tried to pick players who would be getting a plethora of targets. Chris Carson as the featured back for the Seahawks, Mark Andrews is Lamar Jackson’s favorite weapon, Brandin Cooks is taking over for DeAndre Hopkins and he will be heavily featured in the Texans offense, and Davante Adams is the lead receiver in Green Bay. In PPR, targets are essential, so that’s how I drafted.

Favorite team: My favorite team, (that wasn’t mine) was @AggieKappaSig. He has strong receivers in Robert Woods and Tyler Lockett. He also has a dominant running back group, in Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Nick Chubb. Add on a dominant tight end in Zach Ertz, and he is all set to go.

#11 — Luke Reimer (@LukeReim)

1.11 — Tyreek Hill

Kyler MurrayTodd GurleyTyreek HillHunter HenryZane GonzalezKansas City Chiefs
Gardner Minshew IILeonard FournetteDeAndre HopkinsJack Doyle
Matt BreidaAJ Green
John Brown
Emmanuel Sanders
Robby Anderson

Favorite Pick: I have a couple of favorite picks in our draft. My absolute favorite is taking DeAndre Hopkins in the second round. With Kingsbury as coach of the Cardinals, I believe that Hopkins will be getting a lot of targets and put into schemes that will almost force him the ball. Hopkins is also a great receiver to have for a still developing Kyler Murray. 

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick for my team is Matt Brieda in the eighth. I tried to stay clear of the Dolphins, because I don’t believe in the Dolphins. Starting with a rookie quarterback might give Brieda a lot of opportunities to run the ball, but if Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t develop well, teams can stack the box against Brieda.

Strategy: A key strategy that I had with this draft was to draft an elite receiver and get the quarterback that went along with them. This worked out for me. Since I drafted Tyreek Hill in the first round, I wanted to go with Pat Mahomes, but thought DeAndre Hopkins would be a better pick. I was able to get Kyler Murray, so I could get points from both a QB and a WR when Hopkins catches passes.  

Favorite Team: My favorite team in the draft, other than mine, was SWIFT456. I think that he was able to get an elite “Big 3,” with McCaffrey, Golladay and Lamar Jackson. I had all three of those players in one of my leagues last season, so I know that they are good and can produce a lot of points. Being able to have three elite fantasy players like that gives you some room for experimenting by putting different players in your lineup.

#12 Trevor Land (@TrevorLand2)

1.12 — Austin Ekeler

Russell WilsonAustin EkelerAmari CooperRob GronkowskiMatt PraterPhiladelphia Eagles
Miles SandersAJ BrownTJ Hockenson
JK DobbinsCourtland Sutton
Boston ScottMarvin Jones
Tony PollardSterling Shepard

Favorite Pick: My favorite pick from my draft would have to be Courtland Sutton in the fifth round. Even if second-year quarterback Drew Lock struggles, Sutton should still produce WR2 numbers. With the addition of receiver Jerry Jeudy, defenses will have to ease off of Sutton a little bit, giving him more chances to shine one on one. 

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick was Miles Sanders in the second round. While he does provide a lot of pass catching value, he thrived last year in large part due to everyone being hurt in Philadelphia.

Strategy: My strategy this year is to take two running backs early and wait on the receivers. This year’s receiver class may be the deepest in recent memory, while the running back pool is pretty thin. Intriguing receivers like Christian Kirk, John Brown and Curtis Samuel were going in rounds nine to 11, so you can easily find value in receivers later than normal.

Favorite Team: The person who I think had the best draft was Tanner Rohr. He was able to wait and get a good quarterback in Drew Brees. He adopted a RB-heavy start and was able to get both Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake, who I think will again have breakout seasons this year. Add in Adam Thielen, D.K. Metcalf and Michael Gallup at wide receiver, along with a decent bench, and I think he has the most complete team.

FantasyPros Draft Analyzer

So, there you have it! Christopher Pinto received four votes for having the best draft, while Steve DeAngelo and Tanner Rohr were the others to receive multiple votes, with Kevin, Luke, Trevor and Zach each receiving one vote as well.

Which team do you like the best? What strategies did you like best? Leave your comments below.

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