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WR Consistency Rankings

Julio Jones Antonio Brown Odell Beckham Jr
Credit: WFAN

In fantasy football, we get fixated on total points at the end of the year. But MOST leagues are head to head on a weekly basis. That makes total points less important than consistent performance. We also want guys who can carry our team with a great week. The following RB consistency rankings aim to give you another tool for deciding between players in your fantasy draft. This is just one of many tools, so check out the rest of our Fantasy Football Draft Kit.

Rationale- The only thing that matters is the last two years worth of fantasy football data. Since injuries do happen during games that can skew weekly results, a full game at the WR position for my analysis is 30 snaps taken. This takes into account the variation in formations in the NFL. Percentage rankings for top-24 (WR2), top-12 (WR1) and top-5 weeks will be presented along with a statistical rating.


Player Top-24%

Antonio Brown 71.4

Tyreek Hill 61.9

Davante Adams 60.7

Odell Beckham Jr 60.0

Mike Evans 56.7

Michael Thomas 54.8

JuJu Smith-Schuster 53.8

Julio Jones 51.7

DeAndre Hopkins 51.6

A.J. Green 50.0

Keenan Allen 50.0

Jarvis Landry 46.9

Michael Crabtree 46.4

Cameron Meredith 46.2

T.Y. Hilton 45.2

Dez Bryant 44.4

Amari Cooper 42.9

Jordy Nelson 41.4

J.J. Nelson 41.2

Alshon Jeffery 40.7

Brandin Cooks 40.6

Cooper Kupp 40.0

Player Top-12%

Antonio Brown 53.6

Tyreek Hill 47.6

Odell Beckham Jr 45.0

Mike Evans 43.3

Davante Adams 39.3

Jordy Nelson 37.9

DeAndre Hopkins 35.5

A.J. Green 33.3

Keenan Allen 31.3

Julio Jones 31.0

JuJu Smith-Schuster 30.8

T.Y. Hilton 29.0

Amari Cooper 28.6

Brandin Cooks 28.1

Doug Baldwin 28.1

Michael Thomas 25.8

Larry Fitzgerald 25.8

Adam Thielen 25.8

Jarvis Landry 25.0

Golden Tate 25.0

Rishard Matthews 25.0

Chris Hogan 25.0

J.J. Nelson 23.5

Dez Bryant 22.2

Will Fuller 21.7

Michael Crabtree 21.4

Cooper Kupp 20.0

Ted Ginn 20.0


Player Top-5%

Antonio Brown 35.7

A.J. Green 25.0

Keenan Allen 25.0

Julio Jones 24.1

JuJu Smith-Schuster 23.1

T.Y. Hilton 22.6

Davante Adams 21.4

Tyreek Hill 19.0

J.J. Nelson 17.6

Jordy Nelson 17.2

Larry Fitzgerald 16.1

Brandin Cooks 15.6

Dez Bryant 14.8

Amari Cooper 14.3

Mike Evans 13.3

Will Fuller 13.0

DeAndre Hopkins 12.9

Adam Thielen 12.9

Marvin Jones 12.9

Doug Baldwin 12.5

Emmanuel Sanders 11.5

Stefon Diggs 11.1

Michael Crabtree 10.7


FlurrySports Player Rating

Antonio Brown 57.1

Tyreek Hill 42.9

Davante Adams 40.7

A.J. Green 38.3

Keenan Allen 37.5

Julio Jones 37.2

JuJu Smith-Schuster 36.9

Mike Evans 36.7

T.Y. Hilton 34.2

Jordy Nelson 33.8

Odell Beckham Jr 33.0

DeAndre Hopkins 32.3

Brandin Cooks 28.8

Amari Cooper 28.6

J.J. Nelson 28.2

Larry Fitzgerald 27.7

Michael Thomas 27.1

Dez Bryant 26.7

Doug Baldwin 26.3

Adam Thielen 24.5

Michael Crabtree 24.3

Golden Tate 23.1

Jarvis Landry 23.1

Will Fuller 22.6

Marvin Jones 22.6

Rishard Matthews 21.4

Stefon Diggs 20.7

Cameron Meredith 20.0

Alshon Jeffery 20.0

Cooper Kupp 20.0


What Have We Learned?

-Top WR scoring is more erratic than top RB scoring, as seen by the difference in FlurrySports Ratings between the two.

-Antonio Brown is a beast and it’s not even close based on statistics of saying who the number one WR is in fantasy football

-JuJu had an amazing rookie year and Pittsburgh WR position is a must-have on your team

-Hopkins and Hilton both posted great numbers with backup QBs last year, so look out this season

-Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams are great values that could get even better

-AJ Green and Julio Jones are as good as you think they are

-Don’t be afraid to draft Amari Cooper at his current ADP33/WR14


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