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What Would a New NBA Expansion Team Look Like?

Credit: Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

When the Charlotte Bobcats were established as the NBA’s 30th team in 2004, they were allowed to ‘draft’ current players from other teams at the time. Teams were able to select players from an ‘unprotected’ list. However, this draft largely failed, as only Gerald Wallace made the All-Star team during his time with the team.

I spent hours trying to decide on rules resulting in a fair expansion draft. Here are the following criteria I used for creating this expansion team:

  • Only one player from each team can be drafted.
  • Players can only be drafted so long as their absence does not leave their team with less than two players at any given position (Every team must be left with at least two point guards, shooting guards, etc.)
  • The top three highest paid players are automatically protected for every team.
  • Any player not in the top-three highest contract protection clause that is still making $10 million or more is also automatically protected.
  • Players must have played for three or more seasons in order to be drafted (this year must be their third season).
  • Players must not have made the All-Star team last season (2016-17).
  • Players must not have more than 13 years of experience in the NBA (this year being their 13th year or higher).
  • Players must have more than one year left on their current contract (won’t be a free agent at the end of this season).  

Out of all the players who meet these criteria, I have gathered 15 players who would be on the team for next year. Also listed is their statistics in points per game (ppg), rebounds per game (rpg), assists per game (apg), three point shooting percentage (3P%), and total field goal percentage (FG%).

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