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What Sports Cars Are the Best for Tall People?

There are a lot of things that tall people can enjoy in their lives, but for sure there are some issues with it too. One of such issues is finding fun sports cars for tall people to fit in and drive comfortably. 

Tall people have many advantages over average height people. They can easily reach their desirable items whether it’s food or something else on the top shelf. If there are a lot of advantages then there are disadvantages too like sitting on an economy seat for longer flights, finding a compatible height partner for dance and yes finding a car fitting their height. 

There are a great deal of luxury cars and SUVs that provide generous interior space to suit taller people. But the point is that it gets challenging for you to find such a spacious sports car. 

The two most important factors that define the comfy ride for riders are headroom and legroom and sometimes shoulder and hip room too. The issue is that if a sports car has ample headroom, then it won’t have enough space for legs and vice versa. 

Following these issues, here are some of the best sports cars for tall people to enjoy for their racing and driving with comfort and convenience. 

bmw m3 sports cars

What Sports Cars Are the Best for Tall People?


The BMW M3 Coupe with two doors has a power by a twin-turbochargers, six engine that is the power behind its rear wheels through a six speed manual transmission. Also, it has an optional choice for the driver for a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. This sports car provides the racer with sufficient front seat headroom of 40.3 inches and legroom or 42 inches making it perfectly suitable for tall drivers. Also, it provides abundant space at the rear side of the car for comfy riding. 

Nissan 370Z Roadster:

This is another racing car that offers a lot of headroom to support the height of tall drivers as its soft top gets down. This two seater sports car by Nissan features a lot of space in its interior with the deployed top. The headroom of the car has optimum 52.3 inches and legroom is 38.7 inches and it is quite enough for taller people. 

In comparison to other sports car manufacturers, Nissan does not put efforts to provide tiny rear seats. But it preferred to focus on providing space and comfort to the driver and good passage seats upfront. 

McLaren 650S Spider:

It is a must for a super car that gets sold for almost $300,000 to offer its drivers with enough space to sit and drive the car comfortably. Its headroom is 38 inches and the legroom can easily extend to 53 inches. Regardless of the height of the driver the main attention of this car is always the twin turbocharged V8 that creates 641 horsepower and gets paired with a 7 speed transmission. It is the center of attention for most of the racers. 

BMW 6 Series:

This sports car has the most spacious cabins. However, there is something else that makes BMW 6 series unique, it is the intelligent seat design that enables the driver to lower the seat to the bottom of the vertical travel. This gives tall drivers ample amount of headroom to drive comfortably. The lower position of the seat protects the driver’s head against wind when top is down and gives a lot of headroom with top u-p. 

Porsche 911 Carrera 991:

This Porsche 911 has the same spacious space suiting taller drivers as its 997 model. This is a shockingly spacious car that fits comfortably at 6 ’10 feet. A quite tall driver mentioned that each of his body parts like head, legs and shoulder perfectly fits and he can drive with convenience. 

Ford Mustang:

Here are some car enthusiasts who argue that this Mustang is one of the muscular cars. However, this is a pony car that features a lot of the characteristics of a sports car and this is the reason we have included this in our best sports car list. 

Considering the history of all Mustang models, most of the cars have good size cabins that provide enough headroom and legroom in comparison to the competitors. Due to this, it is another great car that provides the tall driver with enough space to make him drive or race with convenience and comfort. 

BMW 4 Series Convertible:

Almost paying an MSRP of $53,100 for the 430i, a buyer needed to spend almost $8000+ for this 4 series of BMW convertible in comparison to its equivalent coupe. Although, this sports car offers the driver with unlimited headroom when the top is down and it makes it super comfy for tall height drivers. 

The reviews of the car mentions that the seats of BMW series 4 are exceptionally level comfy with nice cushions and enables you to adjust a lot. The room in the cabin is more than sufficient with a rear seat exception that gives legroom for letting you add the folding hard top. 

2020 Chevrolet Corvette:

This is the new mid-engine configuration in the 2020 corvette that could have quite less legroom. But the car moved its cockpit forward to 16.5 inches for the maintenance of ample space to help taller drivers. So this ends up the car to have 37.9 inches of headroom and 42.8 inches of legroom. 

Moreover, the Chevrolet provides the configuration of three seats that are the base GT1 seats, plush super comfortable GT2 seats for longer trips and the competition sports seats featuring carbon fiber and thick bolsters holding the driver in place as he is racing on the track. 

Final Words:

If you are a car enthusiast with tall height and looking to buy something that suits your height with class then these are some of the cars that are suitable for you. All these sports cars for tall people have a lot of space with high racing features. 

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