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Week 6 Fantasy Football Rankings

Week 6 Fantasy Football Rankings

Getting the best fantasy football rankings for Week 6 will be as important as ever, with this interesting week of football we have up ahead.

To start, we have four teams on bye for the first time all season: Bears, Bills, Colts and Raiders. There is a bunch of fantasy relevancy on the four listed teams, especially at the RB position. The unavailability of these players, along with the injuries were are navigating, can create headaches when setting your perfect lineup in what may be a must-win week.

If that wasn’t enough, Week 6 also has the rare must-lose matchup between the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins. Honestly, anything could happen in that game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 0-0 tie or the highest-scoring game of the season thus far. This is why doing your research and getting the best fantasy rankings will set you apart from you league-mate plebeians. That is, however, unless they read my stuff too…then they’re cool.

Before we jump into the rankings, make sure to check out the link immediately after the rankings that allows you to get a free trial of ESPN+. If you don’t like it somehow, cancel it before the week is up and you’re out nothing, yet it still benefits the site. If you do enjoy it, which I think you will, it’s $5 per month. For a large catalog of exclusive streaming content, live sports, fantasy stats and premium articles, it costs you essentially one pumpkin spice latte per month. How ’bout that?!



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