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Week 17 Survivor Picks | NFL Picks

If you are unaware what NFL survivor picks are, the basic concept is you make NFL picks throughout the season, but you can only pick a team once. Once you lose, you’re knocked out, so choose your Week 17 survivor picks wisely.

Last week was the first week that I had a losing record. Even though that ws the case, my lock still won. With a 1-2 week, my record currently sits at 34-14 and 16-0 on locks. We are at the point in the season where almost all of the better teams are picked, so we will have to get creative and make our picks based upon matchups for the rest of the year.

Teams used for “Lock of the Week”

  • 1 – Buffalo Bills
  • 2 – San Francisco 49ers
  • 3 – Indianapolis Colts
  • 4 – Los Angeles Rams
  • 5– Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 6– Baltimore Ravens
  • 7– New Orleans Saints
  • 8– Kansas City Chiefs
  • 9– New England Patriots
  • 10– Green Bay Packers
  • 11– Cleveland Browns
  • 12– Seattle Seahawks
  • 13– Miami Dolphins
  • 14– Tennessee Titans
  • 15– Arizona Cardinals
  • 16– Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 17 Survivor Picks
Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

NFL Week 17 Survivor Picks | NFL Picks

Lock of the Week | Week 17 Survivor Picks

Washington Football Team at Eagles

If Washington defeats the Philadelphia Eagles, they win the NFC East no matter what. That is why Washington vs Eagles was flexed into Sunday Night Football. Philadelphia is mathematically out of the playoffs, which is why they have ruled out important players like Fletcher Cox, Dallas Goedert and Miles Sanders. With this being the case, the Football Team should be able to go into Philadelphia and win.

It has also been announced that Alex Smith will be the starting quarterback for Washington. In games that Smith has started, the Football Team is 4-1. What really is intriguing in this matchup though is Washington’s elite defensive line against Philadelphia’s bad offensive line. Jalen Hurts should be under pressure all game, and from what we have seen recently, that should greatly impact his ability to throw. Look for Washington to play at 100% and ride their defensive line to a division win in prime time on Sunday.

NFL Picks Lock: Washington Football Team

Keenan Allen Chargers
Credit: Darren Yamashita/USA TODAY Sports

Value Pick of the Week | Week 17 Survivor Picks

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have no reason to win this game. With reports coming out that they plan to sit some of their star players, it seems very likely that a lot of backups will get a lot of time. This is also a game that would look good for Anthony Lynn, if he can win. The Chargers should use this game as an opportunity to get their young players like Justin Herbert and Mike Williams much-needed development. What we have seen this year from Herbert has been very promising. It would be a nice confidence booster if he could end his season with a win. Look for the Chargers to fall into a win, because the Chiefs won’t be near full strength.

NFL Picks Value: Los Angeles Chargers

fantasy football start sit Jamison Crowder
Credit: Michael Owens/AP Photo

High Risk High Reward | Week 17 Survivor Picks

New York Jets vs. Patriots

I refuse to believe that the Jets are “hot.” This is not a good football team, but they have rattled off two wins in a row. The Jets have a little momentum going into their divisional matchup against the New England Patriots. The problem with the Patriots is that they don’t have a quarterback. Cam Newton looks lost out there and Jarrett Stidham hasn’t had enough experience to make people believe in him. With the Jets winning two games in a row, it seems like they aren’t necessarily concerned with what draft position they end up with. If the Jets can pull off this win against a division rival, it should feel like a big win in a very disappointing season. Look for the Jets to pull off a feel-good win in an ugly AFC East matchup.

NFL Picks High Risk: New York Jets

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