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Veteran Running Back NFL Free Agents Still Available

The main goal for NFL teams during the preseason is to get to the regular season healthy. That is a big reason why we always see veteran NFL free agents signed to rosters at the end of training camp, since they will be ready to step in and play Week 1. This is especially true for veteran running backs, since they don’t need to practice at this point in their careers.

Whether you’re the Baltimore Ravens, who just suffered an injury to their backfield, or you’re another team looking for more quality depth, there are a number of interesting veteran running back NFL free agents who may still have a little left in the tank. Let’s take a look at some of the veteran RBs still floating in the open market.

nfl free agents running backs adrian peterson
Credit: Tim Fuller/USA TODAY Sports

Veteran Running Back NFL Free Agents Still Available

Adrian Peterson

Age: 36 | 2020 Team: Detroit Lions

2020 Adrian Peterson Stats

Games: 16
Carries: 156
Rush Yards: 604
Rush TDs: 7

Receptions: 12
Rec Yards: 101
Rec TDs: 0

Todd Gurley

Age: 27 | 2020 Team: Atlanta Falcons

2020 Todd Gurley Stats

Games: 15
Carries: 195
Rush Yards: 678
Rush TDs: 9

Receptions: 25
Rec Yards: 164
Rec TDs: 0

Duke Johnson

Age: 27 | 2020 Team: Houston Texans

2020 Duke Johnson Stats

Games: 11
Carries: 77
Rush Yards: 235
Rush TDs: 1

Receptions: 28
Rec Yards: 249
Rec TDs: 1

le'veon bell nfl free  agents
Credit: Justin Edmonds/AP Photo

Le’Veon Bell

Age: 29 | 2020 Team: NYJ & KC

2020 Le’Veon Bell Stats

Games: 11
Carries: 82
Rush Yards: 328
Rush TDs: 2

Receptions: 16
Rec Yards: 138
Rec TDs: 0

Frank Gore

Age: 38 | 2020 Team: New York Jets

2020 Frank Gore Stats

Games: 15
Carries: 187
Rush Yards: 653
Rush TDs: 2

Receptions: 16
Rec Yards: 89
Rec TDs: 0

LeSean McCoy

Age: 33 | 2020 Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2020 LeSean McCoy Stats

Games: 10
Carries: 10
Rush Yards: 31
Rush TDs: 0

Receptions: 15
Rec Yards: 101
Rec TDs: 0

Chris Thompson

Age: 30 | 2020 Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

2020 Chris Thompson Stats

Games: 8
Carries: 7
Rush Yards: 20
Rush TDs: 0

Receptions: 20
Rec Yards: 146
Rec TDs: 1

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