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UFC Strike Updates Adding Marketplace Coming Soon

The NFT marketplace around professional sports leagues continues to blow up. NBA Top Shot popularized it, and the other sports leagues and athletes saw the money-making opportunity. NFL All Day is getting more users into their closed beta. And now, UFC Strike looks to be the next big player in the NFT industry.

The first UFC Strike pack drop was on Sunday, January 23rd, just a day after UFC 270. I was lucky enough to get in there, and I will share my overall experience and pulls at the end of the article. But first, there are some massive updates coming that we should discuss.

ufc strike marketplace

UFC Strike Updates | Marketplace Coming

In a blog post on their site, UFC Strike said they initially planned on having another pack drop today, January 31st. Instead, they decided to postpone that drop, using the extra time to improve the overall user experience.

Other updates will also be happening that improve user experience and fixes bugs.

UFC Strike Series 1

This current era of UFC Strike they are calling “Series 0.” Series 1 is coming very soon. In fact, the start of Series 1 will be February 15th. This is what we can expect, according to them:

  • Regular Pack Drops
  • New Moments from UFC’s past and present
  • More Athlete Integrations & Partnerships
  • Benefits for UFC Moment holders
  • and more!

The pack drop that was supposed to take place today will actually happen on Feb. 15th, marking the start of Series 1.

Feb. 15th Fully Loaded Pack Drop Details

The first “Fully Loaded” pack drop featured 100,000 packs at $50 each. The packs included three moments, and there was a chance to pull a “super scarce” Champion Tier Moment.

The Feb. 15th pack drop will feature 30,000 additional Fully Loaded packs.

ufc strike pack drop

My UFC Strike Pack Drop Experience

I’ve participated in the NBA Top Shot early on and NFL All Day recently, so the pack drop process is nothing new to me. Bugs in this process are also nothing new. I joined the UFC Strike queue a bit late, but I was still able to get one of the first moments minted.

My pulls/collection is shown above. However, you may notice there are four moments. I initially pulled Derrick Lewis, Ciryl Gane and Michael Chandler. However, UFC Strike found there was a bug that made the Champion Tier probability a bit unfair. To make things right, they sent users another moment and gave a $50 credit in everyone’s Dapper Wallet.

My additional moment was Robbie Lawler’s “knockout” of Nick Diaz in UFC 266.

This was a great gesture from UFC Strike and it shows they are trying to do everything the right away. Series 1 is coming soon, so make sure you get signed up soon!

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