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Tennis Elbow Game Review

Tennis Elbow Game Review

There are hundreds of sports around the world and lots of them are quite popular as well. Every sport has their takers and fan following. Depending on the popularity of a sport, developers work on their gaming version.

Tennis is one of the most popular and universally acclaimed sports and its gaming version too has been for many years now. The game has progressed a lot in terms of gaming, and since its advent in video games, the latest version of Tennis has surely come a long way. So let us examine the latest version of Tennis Elbow and find out what it has to offer to the gaming fans.


About the game

Tennis Elbow has been developed by Mana Games, which is one of the leading gaming developers in the industry. Since its first version, Tennis Elbow has seen many changes and most of them have worked in its favor. The latest version has also carried over the legacy quite well.



Tennis is a fast sport and, in order to translate that quickness to gaming, it requires proper understanding of the game and thankfully Mana Games has been able to do that. The moves and body movement of the players looks realistic. The action of the service and the strokes, too, have been worked out well. They even do realistic emotions after some points, which adds to the realistic environment as well.

The gamer has to select the player after a thorough thought process. In order to get the best result and performance from their player, they need to balance the stamina, power and quickness ratio suitably. It’s not like selecting everything to its maximum and expecting optimum performance. The selection needs to be done in a reasonable manner.



The graphics of the game are decent and, although the courts and the environment look natural, the players do not look as convincing. However, their body movements, gestures and strokes make them look more presentable and acceptable. However, they could have surely done better with player graphics.

As the game works online, gamers will face connectivity issues. At Ines, the game won’t work smoothly for some reason. Thankfully, this is occasional and hence bearable. Apart from it, at times the players need to wait for a long time to find a challenger. This could be due to more than one reason but all of them are equally annoying!

That being said, online gaming surely has some limitations and all the games have to deal with it. Tennis Elbow has the same story.

Another minor minus for the game is that they are still selling the 2013 version. They may have made some minor changes with the updates, but they did not care to change the name. 2013 sounds very old and psychologically it sounds like an old game. They should work on it then try to update it to 2019 to make it sound more cool and contemporary.


Personal opinion

The online interface of the game is quite interesting and attractive. You get to play with other players and you can also interact with them in a limited way. The tournaments are organized as per the ATP schedule and you can also participate in different tournaments depending on your rankings. You can also get the name of the players as per their present ATP system rankings.

All these things make Tennis Elbow quite interesting and attractive to play. Apart from that, the game is quite well organized with lots of different options. There are two different versions available and you can try out the free version which also facilitates online matches with opponents. 

Once you are confident about the demo, then you can graduate to the premium or paid version, which is reasonably priced and it is a good buy for the price it comes with. Apart from it, this is more or less like the tennis game that you play and have seen. So, there is nothing much else to add. If you enjoy playing tennis on the court, this is probably the best possible alternative to play it online.


Buy it or not?

Honestly speaking, there are not many quality tennis games available online and Tennis Elbow is no doubt the best possible option for tennis fans. If you are interested in tennis, then you will surely enjoy this game. The present price of the game is just under $25 and you might get some seasonal discount if you’re lucky. 

If you are still not sure about if you should buy or not, simply download the free version and you will get a clear idea about the scope of the game that would be available with you when you buy it. The free version comes with limited options of playing with computer with a 15 day trial. However, you can still play online with other players once you trial period is over. And you are not investing in VIP gambling, so if $25 does not mean much to you and you are a game freak and tennis fan, then you are not likely to regret your purchase. However you can play it safe as well and check out the free version first and then make a final decision.



All and all, this is by far the best tennis game you can find on the internet. The game is supremely ahead in all spheres than its counterparts. If you have not experienced tennis beyond those flash games then you would be delighted to play Tennis Elbow. It might take some time to get accustomed with the keys, as there are different stroke keys for different strokes, but once you get used to them, you will surely enjoy the overall experience, which is more or less on par with a live tennis match. We hope that you enjoyed reading this review. If you have any comments to make about it, please leave it in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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