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Sports Betting in 2021: What Players Should Expect

Over the years, betting games have evolved substantially. From the ancient history of betting in Rome to sitting around a large table placing bets on card games, to the digitalisation of the betting industry. Now people can place bets, receive bonuses, make and receive payments, spin, all from the comfort of their homes using a mobile phone or desktop over the internet.

Some of the most recent advancements in the betting industry include Pay by phone which is a fast method of making deposits to online casinos. Another advancement is the introduction of mobile apps and the integration of more advanced and secured payment platforms which aided seamless transactions in multiple currencies. 

So then, it is evident that the betting industry is yet to attain its peak. These advancements may birth new betting sites in the future! What should bettors expect in 2021 and beyond? 

Sports Betting

Betting on E-Sports

This is as simple as betting on mobile games and sports. For punters who would still love to be very much active in the industry, it’s expedient that they start gathering relevant knowledge and maybe a little practice. Online games are attracting lots of users. Candy crush alone has generated 273 million users in the first quarter of 2020, according to There are other actual sports games like a car race, mobile PES games with millions of users, with solid social media networks too hence the possibility of the integration of a betting platform. 

Crypto Betting

Cryptocurrency is gradually becoming a household name. Everyone is talking about it, and the value is rising by the day. Another factor that gives the crypto potential to become a big wing of betting is that it rises and falls giving room for punters to make speculations and bet. It’s also newsworthy that crypto betting has started even though it’s in its infant stage. But, this doesn’t overrule the fact that there is so much potential and room for growth coupled with the fact that the number of online casinos accepting crypto keeps rising. New betting sites will be birthed and there are already casinos that only attend to crypto punters. Interesting!

Mobile Betting 

Betting now has more accessibility and flexibility, thanks to technology. Nearly everything has gone mobile. Beginning from ordering rides, to paying for food, to ordering for dresses, banking, and booking spa appointments. Online betting is not left out. The mobile tech industry has contributed largely and immensely to the overall growth of the betting market.

Mobile betting is not going extinct soon. Experts expect a surge in the number of mobile bet players. In Ireland, restrictions are being set for online bet players after the unexpected rise in the number of punters during the lockdown. How ironic! The outbreak of coronavirus remains a clear example as to why mobile betting is likely to grow bigger because players can play and win while observing the precautions and staying safe. It is more convenient, time-saving, and safe.

So essentially, those who still have not gotten used to mobile betting should start warming up as it seems new betting sites will be established. Also, there are odd-on-in-game or in-play betting games that will only be visible for a few seconds. The wise and smart thing to do is to use a mobile app so you can see your chances.

Expansion of live betting 

In conclusion, the digital space will serve as a facilitator to the advancement of the online betting market in 2021, and beyond. 2021 looks promising for sport, bet experts, and enthusiasts generally. Without a doubt, the market will continue to grow

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