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San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names for 2021

Having the perfect fantasy football team name is arguably just as important as the players you draft. Nothing is lamer than rolling into the season with the default name your preferred hosting site gives you. So, if you’re simply looking for the 100 best fantasy football team names, we already have you covered. However, if you want a team name related to the San Francisco 49ers, we will give you a more specialized list here.

It’s always fun to have a fantasy football team name related to both the NFL team you cheer for and one of the players on your team. So, even if you have to reach for a player like George Kittle or Trey Sermon, it may be worth it, if you have the perfect name.

Without further ado, here are some of the best San Francisco 49ers fantasy football team names for the 2021 season.

george kittle fantasy football team names san francisco 49ers
Credit: Chris Victorio/S.F. Examine

San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Team Names

  • San Frantasy Football
  • 4th and 9ers
  • Shanahanigans
  • The Streets of San Francisco
  • Gold Rush
  • Covid-49
  • Jerry Rice-A-Roni
  • Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er

Deebo Samuel

  • Deebo’s Nutz
  • How Deebo Your Love?
  • Son Of Samuel
  • Finding Deebo

Jimmy Garoppolo

  • Aint Nothin’ But a Jimmy G Thang
  • Garoppolypse Now
  • GQ Jimmy
  • The Garoppolos Islands
  • El Garopollo Loco

George Kittle

  • Kittle Me This
  • Kittles and Blitz
  • Kittles, Taste the Rainbow
  • Kittle Corn
  • Kittle Big Town
  • Kittle League

Trey Lance

  • Freelancer
  • Sir Lancelot
  • First Knight of the Round Table
  • First Knight of the Endzone
  • Lance A Lot
  • 50 Shades of Trey

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Trey Sermon

  • Sunday Sermon
  • 50 Shades of Trey
  • Golden Trey Warriors

Brandon Aiyuk

  • Aiyuken!
  • Brandon Aiyukidding Me

Raheem Mostert

  • Mostert Likely to Succeed
  • Raheem Must Start
  • Hostess with the Mostert
  • Ketchup & Mostert
  • Put Some Mostert On It
  • Colonel Mostert

Robbie Gould

  • Good As Gould
  • Heart of Gould
  • Gould Rush
  • Gould Diggers
  • Gouldmember

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