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WWE RAW Results, Highlights and Headlines From 2/14 | Women’s Gauntlet Match

In case you missed the show, the following is the WWE Monday Night Raw results, highlights and headlines from the show on February 14th.

WWE RAW Results, highlights and headlines from last week’s show

Rhea Ripley WWE RAW results headlines
Credit: WWE

WWE RAW Results 2/14

Bobby Lashley is confronted by his Elimination Chamber challengers in the ring, and Riddle keeps inviting people to his Toga Party.

Street Profits def. Dirty Dawgs, with NXT’s Tommaso Ciampa distracting Dolph Ziggler.

Randy Orton cuts promo on Seth Rollins match, and explains why he isn’t at the Toga Party.

Damian Priest def. AJ Styles.

Omos def. The Hurt Business.

Kevin Owens says Texas is the ass of North America.

A melancholy Becky Lynch begs Lita to walk away from their match before their contract signing.

Women’s Gauntlet Match: Rhea Ripley eliminates Niki ASH, Liv Morgan, and Doudrop, before being eliminated by winner Bianca Belair.

Alpha Academy ruin the RK-Broga party.

The 24/7 title chase ends in heartbreak for Dana Brooke, who gets pinned by Reggie in an Italian restaurant after friend zoning him (yes, that happened).

Alpha Academy cut a promo on RK-Bro before

Alpha Academy def. The Mysterios, Miz and Maryse attack the Mysterios after the match.

Alexa Bliss exits her therapy, and enters the Elimination Chamber.

Seth Rollins def. Randy Orton after Alpha Academy distraction.

WWE RAW Highlights From 2/14

Gauntlet Match Greatness

WWE really knows how to book a gauntlet match. Three years ago, Seth Rollins was reignited in a gauntlet match iron man performance, and then Kofi Kingston began his chase to Kofi Mania in a shocking gauntlet match. Now, Rhea Ripley and her opponents can add their names to those who shined in the gauntlet format on WWE RAW tonight.

Ripley began the match and came so close to winning the whole thing, and a chance to enter the elimination chamber match last on Saturday. Ripley’s grit helped her last near 45 minutes, highlighted by her opening show off against former partner Niki ASH and her conclusion against perpetual rival Bianca Belair. This is a match that highlights won’t quite do justice to, but Ripley hitting Doudrop with the Riptide for the elimination and Belair finally catching the K.O.D. were must-see moments.

A wonderful match that helped underline the star of Rhea Ripley in the process. She probably won’t win on Saturday, so here’s hoping this proves WWE still have a plan for her.

Alpha Academy Continue to Ace the Test as Heels

Chad Gable has been a marvel in his heel persona since taking Otis under his wing. He’s the perfect mix of arrogant and out of touch. He gets awesome heat from the crowd regularly, and Alpha Academy has helped make the tag scene feel important finally alongside RK-Bro. They also showed again they can go in the ring against the Mysterios, and honestly, I hope they’re able to hold onto their belts in two weeks when they face RK-Bro again.

This act has so much life left, and when Otis eventually does break free from the influence of Gable, both men should be set up as made talents after this run.

WWE RAW Lowlights From 2/14

Omos is a Giant Let Down

Omos is a big, big man, meaning Vince McMahon loves him. However, ever since his breakup with tag partner AJ Styles, Omos has been listless. He’s destroyed local competitors, made a mediocre splash in the Royal Rumble, and now is beating tag teams single-handedly. Sure, the dominance of Omos is continually booked strong, but he has no direction.

He’s still a heel, even in beating down heels like the Hurt Business, so he’s not getting over. And meanwhile, he’s doing damage to former tag champions in the process. If all of this was heading towards a solid payback that might be acceptable, but Omos is dead in the water, currently. He needs a mouthpiece, a character, and a narrative to follow soon before his blandness makes even his gigantic size pale in comparison.

Who Decided to Make Becky Lynch Mopey?

WWE has been criticized in their handling of the Becky Lynch character repeatedly because why take a cocky, cool, badass and make her heel. But this week, they chose a new strategy… make her really sad?

After a beatdown from Lita last week, Becky Lynch came out dropping her head, slouching and had her clothes hanging off her shoulders. Her promo was centered on how devastated she was to be targeted by her idol, but when Lita didn’t budge from the championship, her mood didn’t improve. Not a bad promo, and interesting to see Lita so confident in this match-up, but what the hell!? Becky’s whole appeal is her confidence and large personality. So, why was it a good idea to make her act like a kid who was told no to ice cream? It also seemed like this would carry over moving forward to the match this Saturday, which would be a terrible decision as this match is a showcase for women’s wrestling and even women’s equality in Saudi Arabia. WWE needs to pull the plug on this change now.

WWE Highlights

WWE’s Elimination Chamber is set to take this place at the weird start time of 9 AM EST due to taking place in the always controversial Saudi Arabia this Saturday. In addition to the titular chamber matches, Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg and the barrier-busting affair of Becky Lynch vs. Lita will also be headlining the event.

Released WWE star Keith Lee made a dramatic debut for AEW this week, which has lit the wrestling internet community ablaze. Lee was a standout in his debut, featuring his size, strength and even a look and theme resembling what WWE took away from him before his departure. It was a success for AEW and could be the first of several debuts in coming weeks, with names like Johnny Gargano and Athena being teased heavily for the Revolution pay-per-view.

WWE RAW’s go-home show for Elimination Chamber started really slow but got going after a stellar Women’s Gauntlet Match. Beyond that match, RK-Bro and Alpha Academy continued to steal the show with their feud, and a decent main event helped close the show. A mediocre show overall, but perhaps the gauntlet match shows the in-ring action on Saturday will pleasantly surprise as well.

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