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Power Play: The Top Teams in the NFL Playoffs

If you’re a rookie fan looking for a little bit of an insider, learning about the league and the top teams is most vital. Likewise, it’s wise to remember that the league is divided into two conferences, namely the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) – with each split into four divisions as well. 

Moreover, since the regular season has ended, fans look forward to the games that will commence in the playoff field as the dates roll on with furious velocity. With this, even a rookie fan should look out for constant updates and news on the 14 teams advancing to the playoffs. With this, continue below for a quick read on the power plays of the top five teams of the NFL playoffs:

Green Bay Packers (NFC North)

With Aaron Rodgers in their arsenal, you can always look forward to the Green Bay Packers reigning first. With this second-straight MVP, you can expect Rodgers to bring a good game with his total quarterback rating (QBR) of 68.8, a score that counts the number of touchdowns, completions, yards, and interceptions made by the player.

Not only this, but Davante Adams also awes the crowd with his skills as the wide receiver. Aside from his large stature, standing at 6-foot-1, Adams is also fast to run in both creative and crisp routes. With Rodgers and Adams, you can expect the Green Bay Packers to make a name for themselves this year.

With the excitement brought by the Packers and other teams, it’s best to get a look at the rankings as they change and update. Here, you could always look into FanDuel Super Bowl odds if you want. By doing so, you get reliable information on each team, and you can even get a taste of each betting odd.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South)

Although Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown left the Buccaneers, you shouldn’t underestimate Tampa Bay during the playoffs. This team still has Tom Brady, a candidate for the NFL MVP award and a player with a 326-yard, no interception, three-touchdown performance during a game with Carolina Panthers. 

Additionally, Tampa Bay Buccaneers won with an overwhelming 41-17, with Brady reigning the game in passing yards and even touchdown passes. Pair these statistics with a step up from their defense, and you can expect Tampa Bay to bring their A-game.

Tennessee Titans (AFC South)

We move onto another conference for the third spot, occupied by the Tennessee Titans. This team is ready to deal with business, especially with veteran player Ryan Tannehill. With him in the arsenal, you can look forward to seeing more of the Titans. 

After wrapping up the AFC playoffs and withstanding against the Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans ended the regular season with a thrill and earned themselves a home-field advantage. With a 28-25 victory, this game riled up the Titans’ offense and defense as they displayed a hair-raising game with Ryan Tannehill leading them. 

Not only this, as wide receiver Nick Westbrook-Ikhine delivered the Titans’ first touchdown extending from a 75-yard drive. Although the Tennessee Titans may have plenty to prove, this team can still pack a punch to turn the tide.

Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)

If you’re looking for the champions of the AFC West, you’re probably looking at the Kansas City Chiefs. With this team, Patrick Mahomes, Melvin Ingram, and Nick Bolton are the top contenders and wildcards for the NFL playoffs.

Although the Kansas City Chiefs have lost to the Bengals during Week 17, you can still expect more from this team. You can’t discard the coaching skills and experience of Andy Reid, hired as the Chiefs’ head coach since 2013. Since then, the Chiefs have reigned with two AFC titles, six AFC West championships, and even a shot at a Super Bowl title.

Likewise, this team has stood its ground against Denver, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles – AFC West rivals of the Chiefs. Indeed, with offensive players and an exemplary coach, the Kansas City Chiefs will bring forth a thrilling game during the playoffs. 

Buffalo Bills (AFC East)

The Buffalo Bills from AFC East complete the list. This team is the most dangerous, especially with a flexible quarterback, Josh Allen, in-store. You can look forward to his MVP-level playing and even his capability to beat players in a single game. 

Additionally, Buffalo Bills secured the No.3 seed as they defeated the Jets, taking the AFC East title. Not only this, as Josh Allen isn’t the only player to look out for. Devin Singletary’s defense is exceptional since he suits Buffalo’s offensive scheme. With this, you can await a performance of a lifetime with Buffalo Bills.


Indeed, with the intensity of the games heating up, learning more about the league and the top teams is vital for a rookie fan. Moreover, with these five teams at your disposal, you quickly get a gist of the top contenders for the Lombardi trophy. Overall, getting your hands on the latest news of each team is one way to learn about changes in the power play.

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