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Patriots Rumors: Jimmy Garoppolo is Their Offseason QB Target

The New England Patriots have a big question mark at quarterback going into the 2021 season. Of course, this is not something fans are accustomed to. After losing Tom Brady, the Patriots signed Cam Newton to a cheap prove-it deal. He proved he wasn’t the answer.

Now. the Patriots look towards next season, hoping to hop aboard the quarterback carousel of this offseason and come away with someone capable of actually passing the football. A recent report shows who their target this offseason is, and it’s a familiar face.

Jimmy Garoppolo patriots rumors
Credit: Sports Illustrated

Patriots Rumors: Jimmy Garoppolo Top QB Target

In a report from The Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard, he says that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is “still far and away their Plan A.” He also calls it the “optimal situation” for the Patriots to bring Jimmy G back to Foxboro.

Of course, Garoppolo is still under contract with the 49ers. Both general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan have also said Garoppolo will remain their quarterback.

But if the 49ers were able to be in the running for Deshaun Watson, it’s possible we see Garoppolo cut. He has only a $2.8 million dead cap if cut, but a $26.4 million hit if kept. With the Patriots showing interest, him getting cut is becoming less likely. Though, it is still possible, as is the possibility of him being reunited with his former team.

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