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NFL Picks and Parlays for Super Wild Card Weekend

Get your NFL picks and parlays for Super Wild Card Weekend in quickly, because the playoff action kicks off Saturday afternoon. There will be a large amount of money bet on the games this weekend, and we’re here to make sure some of that money comes back to you! The NFL Playoffs schedule is jam-packed with good games this weekend.

A great way to maximize the fun you can have with sports betting is by creating a parlay. This is an “all or nothing” bet, stringing together multiple NFL picks. However, while the risk rises, the reward rises along with it. You should never drop a large amount of money you cannot afford to lose on a parlay, given the risk involved. However, it can be a pretty nice cherry on top of a fantastic Wild Card Weekend of NFL betting.

We went through our NFL picks against the spread in another article. Make sure you check that out. Here, we will go over the NFL picks and parlays for Wild Card Weekend that will have great potential to return a large amount of money to you. All of the odds discussed can be found at Bovada Sportsbook. However, let’s start with a great promo from BetMGM that eligible bettors should take advantage of.

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NFL Picks and Parlays | Wild Card Weekend Betting

Moneyline NFL Picks Parlay

  1. Bengals (-230)
  2. Buccaneers (-395)
  3. 49ers (+135)
  4. Chiefs (-700)

Parlay Odds: +383

Bet $10 to Win $38.29 at Bovada

Clearly, taking the 49ers moneyline is the NFL pick pumping up this parlay. If this hits, the rest looks like it should fall into place. This parlay also gives you exposure to these moneyline bets that have such long odds that they usually are not worth it. Stringing them together offers much nicer odds.

NFL Picks Against the Spread Parlay

  1. Patriots +4.5 (-110)
  2. Buccaneers -8.5 (-110)
  3. 49ers +3 (-105)
  4. Steelers +13 (-115)

Parlay Odds: +1230

Bet $10 to Win $123.03 at Bovada

Again, check out our NFL picks against the spread article for more information on these picks. For this parlay, the 49ers bet actually becomes less risky than above, since we are now getting points. We have three underdogs; can they keep the game close or win outright?

NFL 6-Point Teaser Parlay

  1. Patriots +10.5
  2. Buccaneers -2.5
  3. 49ers +9
  4. Steelers +19
  5. Cardinals +10

Parlay Odds: +400

Bet $10 to Win $40 at Bovada

If you liked the parlay above, you’ll like this one even more! For this six-point teaser parlay, all of the point spreads we pick will move six points, making them less profitable, but also less risky. For example, the Buccaneers have to win by nine points to cover their spread. However, for this teaser parlay, they now only need to win by three points for that pick to hit.

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