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NBA Records That Can Be Broken In 2022

The Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and the LA Lakers forward Lebron James have defined their NBA career and are on the precipice to reach heights that no other NBA player has ever reached. The two remain the most discussed players in basketball circles and they still stand a chance to break their career records in the regular season. Here are all the NBA career records that may be broken in 2022.

LeBron James is on Track to his 18th All-Star Selection

With the first fan voting result for the NBA All-Star game in, four Lakers have made it into the top ten list, including LeBron James. At the age of 37, James is still recording monster numbers, while carrying the weight for the Lakers while Antony Davis continues recovering from his knee injury. You can go to NJ sports betting to wager on LeBron and other NBA games.

James is currently the fifth NBA player in efficiency rating (26.7) and second in points per game. As such, the Lakers forward can expect to grace the court as a starter in the homecoming NBA All-star game in Cleveland. If he plays, LeBron will equal the record of Hall of Fame Player Abdul-Jabbar who was chosen 19 times and played 18 games.

lebron james nba records
Credit: Kevin Kuo/AP Photo

LeBron James: 10,000-Assists and 10,000-rebound clubs

LeBron James is getting closer to becoming the seventh player in the 10,000-assist club and the 10,000-rebound club. With the season underway, Lebron has averaged 6.6 assists and 7.4 rebounds in 29 games. That means he can easily achieve a feat that no other NBA player has ever achieved by getting a spot in both clubs this season.

Luka Doncic: All-time Triple Doubles

Russell Westbrook’s career triple-doubles record of 189 (and counting) could be destroyed by Luka Doncic soon. While Russel doesn’t seem to relinquish his hold soon, his hunt for triple-doubles has slowed since he joined the LA Lakers. The 33-year old is playing games predicated on relentless pursuit and athleticism, meaning he’ll hit a wall soon.

Luka Doncic was once a triple-double machine in his first four seasons, with his versatility making him among the league’s fastest players in history. His versatility made him the second-fastest player to record 35 career triple-doubles. That’s definitely no match to Westbrook, but Luka is still young (22 years) and is currently sitting at 11th in the triple-doubles all-time list.  

Carmelo Anthony Could Surpass Shaquille O’Neal’s Career Points

The LA Lakers have two of the greatest scorers in history among the top 10 list after Carmelo Anthony recently outranked Moses Malone to secure the ninth spot. Carmelo Anthony’s 27,911 points are currently 685 points away from surpassing Shaquille O’Neal’s 28,596 to get the eighth spot.

Other players on top of the list ahead of O’Neal include Hall of Fame player Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, and Dirk Nowitzki. However, while Anthony seems like he can achieve this feat, he hasn’t recorded over 1000 points in any season since his 2017/2018 campaign. Nonetheless, his torrid scoring starting form this season with 13.2 points per game puts him in a good place to reach O’Neal’s record.

Other NBA Milestones Within Reach in the 2021/2022 Season

  • Westbrook is trailing Andre Miller in career assists to get his 11th position in the all-time list. Westbrook currently has 8,397 career assists, while Miller is standing 127 points ahead at 8,524. As such, Westbrook might easily get the 11th position, but getting Gary Payton’s 10th position will be hard to get this season.
  • Westbrook’s career turnovers will also rise to clinch the third spot on NBA’s all-time list. The LA Lakers guard is currently sitting at the fourth position behind John Stockton (third), Karl Malone (second), and Lebron James at the top.
  • Dwight Howard is set to outrank Nate Thurmond in career rebounds for a spot in the top-10 list.
  • James Harden only needs 40 more three-pointers to unseat Reggie Miller for the third position in the 3-pointers all-time list.
  • Damian Lillard is set to climb to the sixth position in the 3-pointers all-time list. Damian recorded over 220 three-pointers in every season in his last four campaigns and is currently trailing Vince Carter’s 2290 by 147. In the process, Lillard will also outrank Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, and Paul Pierce. However, outranking Kyle Korver for the fifth position this season might be hard.
  • DeAndre Jordan might book a spot in the 10,000-rebound club alongside his backup.
  • Rajon Rondo is 11 away from being the 14th player to get 7500 career assists in history.

Are There Other NBA Records That Could Be Broken Soon?

While there aren’t many major NBA records to be broken this season, the 2021/2022 season will be quite exciting for players and viewers alike. As such, it might be rewarding for fans to focus their energy on the league by wagering on the games.

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