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NBA Free Agency Betting Odds – Next Team for Deandre Ayton, Russell Westbrook, Zach LaVine and More

With the month of June coming to a close, arguably the greatest time on the NBA annual calendar is soon to commence. That’s right, depending on who one asks, NBA free agency is the most entertaining part of the sport. The start of the new league year will also usher in the official beginning of the 2022 NBA free agency period. However, the rumor mill has already been churning out numerous headlines for quite some time now. Deandre Ayton, Zach LaVine and Russell Westbrook are among the most notable players who are due to receive a brand new contract this offseason.

Think you have a hunch about where one of this year’s free agents is headed? With the 2022 NBA free agency betting odds available at BetOnline Sportsbook, you have the opportunity to turn said hunch into a payday! The following takes a look at the current NBA betting next team odds for Zach LaVine, Deandre Ayton, Russell Westbrook and more. But first, check out the insane offer below courtesy of the aforementioned BetOnline Sportsbook!

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How to Decipher NBA Free Agency Betting Odds for Player’s Next Team

One key element of the NBA betting free agency odds to address from the jump is that each player’s current team is not included. Thus, if any of the 2022 NBA free agents opt to resign with their current club, any wagers placed would be voided.

Now, it should be noted that the wording specified by BetOnline Sportsbook suggests that a player resigning with his current team would result in a refund of all bets made. The two key words that denote this are “IF NOT”. Thus, an example of these NBA free agency betting props reads as follows:

“What team will Bradley Beal play Game 1 with next season IF NOT the Washington Wizards?”

Based on this phrasing, all NBA free agency betting picks made for players who elect to rejoin their current team would be scored as a push and refunded. For those who may wish to shop the odds at other sportsbooks, be absolutely certain on the rules and wording before placing any bets!

Deandre Ayton 2022 NBA free agency betting odds
Credit: Kevin C. Cox/AP Photo

2022 NBA Betting Free Agency Next Team Odds

All NBA betting odds for 2022 free agency can be found at BetOnline Sportsbook.

Deandre Ayton Free Agency Next Team Odds

IF NOT the Suns

  • Pistons: (+150)
  • Raptors: (+250)
  • Pacers: (+350)
  • Trail Blazers: (+600)
  • Spurs: (+700)
  • Magic: (+800)
  • Bulls: (+800)
  • Thunder: (+900)

Russell Westbrook Free Agency Next Team Odds

IF NOT the Lakers

  • Thunder: (+350)
  • Hornets: (+400)
  • Pacers: (+450)
  • Kings: (+500)
  • Knicks: (+550)
  • Pistons: (+700)
  • Wizards: (+750)
  • Rockets: (+800)
  • Clippers: (+1100)
  • Cavaliers: (+1200)
  • Celtics: (+1400)
Russell Westbrook 2022 NBA free agency player next team betting odds
Credit: Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Zach LaVine Free Agency Next Team Odds

IF NOT the Bulls

  • Spurs: (+250)
  • Trail Blazers: (+350)
  • Lakers: (+450)
  • Hawks: (+550)
  • Heat: (+600)
  • Knicks: (+650)
  • Mavericks: (+750)
  • Pacers: (+900)
  • Pistons: (+1000)
  • Magic: (+1200)

Kevon Looney Free Agency Next Team Odds

IF NOT the Warriors

  • Mavericks: (+250)
  • Wizards: (+300)
  • Kings: (+350)
  • Hornets: (+400)
  • Pistons: (+500)
  • Knicks: (+600)
  • Timberwolves: (+700)
  • Lakers: (+800)

Mo Bamba Free Agency Next Team Odds

IF NOT the Magic

  • Bulls: (+300)
  • Hornets: (+350)
  • Raptors: (+400)
  • Lakers: (+500)
  • Heat: (+550)
  • Pelicans: (+650)
  • Mavericks: (+800)
  • Pistons: (+900)
  • Bucks: (+1000)
  • Nets: (+1200)

Collin Sexton Free Agency Next Team Odds

IF NOT the Cavaliers

  • Pacers: (+200)
  • Pistons: (+250)
  • Wizards: (+350)
  • Knicks: (+425)
  • Mavericks: (+500)
  • Spurs: (+700)
  • Trail Blazers: (+850)
  • Magic: (+1200)

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