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Jake Paul Agrees to Join UFC Under 3 Conditions

Following the knockout of Tyron Woodley, many have been wondering who Jake Paul would be fighting next. Initially, the obvious choice was Jorge Masvidal, due to their public feud. However, Masvidal said he would not box Paul, since he fights for money or for the best of the world, but Paul is “neither.” Paul would immediately offer Masvidal more money than he has made in the UFC.

Masvidal turned down the money. He also told Paul to sign a one-fight deal with the UFC so the two could headline in the octagon. Now, Jake Paul has officially said he would agree to sign a contract with the UFC if Dana White accepts his three conditions.

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Credit: Jason Miller/AFP

Jake Paul Agrees to FIght Jorge Masvidal in UFC

Paul’s Conditions for Dana White

One of the continued stories of Jake Paul’s string of fights with washed-up UFC fighters is that he is getting them paid more than ever before. It’s no secret that UFC fighters have not been financially treated well, with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani leading the vocal charge against the UFC and White. It may not be a coincidence that Helwani has been heavily-involved with Paul’s recent fights, and Paul’s representation is also a former CFO for the UFC.

Paul’s recent “conditions” for signing with the UFC continue his fight outside the ring for Dana White to compensate his fighters better, especially after such a successful, historic year in the sport.

His three conditions specifically address the financial and physical well-being of fighters. First, UFC fighters must get 50% of the UFC’s annual revenues, which would be a massive increase. Second, the fighter’s minimum pay must rise to $50k per fight, which is an increase from $12k. Finally, the UFC must provide long-term health care to its fighters.

Now, as with any business deal, there will be negotiations. Long-term health care to its fighters seems like a given, assuming they fight a defined number of bouts. As for the other two conditions, it will likely be a situation where they meet in the middle.

Jake Paul is Good for Combat Sports

Say what you want about Jake Paul the person or how unlikeable he is, but he is great for combat sports. For boxing, he is getting so many more eyes on legitimate fighters. Not only eyes, but a brand new market. There will also be youth inspired to “be the next Jake Paul,” leading to them training and growing the future of the sport.

As for the UFC, it is exploding. However, the sport clearly has its flaws. Paul is among the charge bringing light to these flaws. He also has the notoriety and power to inspire change. It will be exciting to see what happens next.

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