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IIHF World Championship final 2022: start times, schedule, how to watch, Canada vs Finland ICE Hockey

Hockey World Championship 2022

We are entering the greatest time of year to be an international hockey fan as the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships are underway in Finland. The tournament features sixteen countries whose rosters are made up of the greatest collective hockey talent they have to offer.

The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship determines its qualifiers through a round-robin format, which means there is a ton of hockey to be played over the next 12 days. The tournament bracket is split into two groups. Each team will play seven games, with a chance at three points per game on the line. The top four point earners will then move on to face an opponent from the other group in the quarter-final medal-round matchup.

Here is everything you need to know ahead of the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. 

IIHF World Championship Gold Medal Game:

  • What: Canada vs Finland
  • When: May 29, 2022
  • Where: Finland
  • TV Broadcast: NHL Network (USA) & TSN (Canada)

Familiar foes will be at it again as Canada and Finland will meet for gold at the 2022 IIHF World Hockey Championship on Sunday.

The teams have split the past two meetings, with Finland winning in 2019 and Canada answering back in 2021.

How to watch Canada vs Finland IIHF World Championship final?

  • US TV: NHL Network, ESPN+
  • US Stream: Sling TV, FuboTV

All the games involving the United States will be broadcast on NHL Network, ESPN+, You can stream the NHL Network via PremiumTV by paying onetime payment.

  • Canada TV: TSN
  • Canada Stream:, TSN app, YouTube


2022 IIHF World Championship Participants

This year, sixteen teams are participating in the World Championship tournament. The sixteen country format was adopted in 1976, with the seven-game round robin structure coming much more recently. Each team will play within their own group until the medal round.

Czechia (w/ Czechoslovakia)12-13-2146
United States2-9-920
Great Britain1-2-25

2022 IIHF World Championship Schedule

  • Start: Friday, May 13
  • End: Sunday, May 29

The tournament begins with round-robin play from May 13 – 24. 

The medal-round begins on May 26, with the four quarterfinal mashups, then the semifinals on May 28, and, finally, the bronze medal and gold medal games on May 29. 

Fri., May 139:20 a.m.FRA @ SVK
Fri., May 139:20 a.m.USA @ LAT
Fri., May 131:20 p.m.GER @ CAN
Fri., May 131:20 p.m.FIN @ NOR
Sat., May 145:20 a.m.DEN @ KAZ
Sat., May 145:20 a.m.SWE @ AUT
Sat., May 149:20 a.m.SUI @ ITA
Sat., May 149:20 a.m.CZE @ GBR
Sat., May 141:20 p.m.SVK @ GER
Sat., May 141:20 p.m.LAT @ FIN
Sun., May 155:20 a.m.ITA @ CAN
Sun., May 155:20 a.m.NOR @ GBR
Sun., May 159:20 a.m.FRA @ KAZ
Sun., May 159:20 a.m.AUT @ USA
Sun., May 151:20 p.m.DEN @ SUI
Sun., May 151:20 p.m.CZE @ SWE
Mon., May 169:20 a.m.SVK @ CAN
Mon., May 169:20 a.m.LAT @ NOR
Mon., May 161:20 p.m.FRA @ GER
Mon., May 161:20 p.m.FIN @ USA
Tue., May 179:20 a.m.ITA @ DEN
Tue., May 179:20 a.m.CZE @ AUT
Tue., May 171:20 p.m.SUI @ KAZ
Tue., May 171:20 p.m.SWE @ GBR
Wed., May 189:20 a.m.FRA @ ITA
Wed., May 189:20 a.m.NOR @ AUT
Wed., May 181:20 p.m.SUI @ SVK
Wed., May 181:20 p.m.FIN @ SWE
Thur., May 199:20 a.m.GER @ DEN
Thur., May 199:20 a.m.GBR @ USA
Thur., May 191:20 p.m.CAN @ KAZ
Thur., May 191:20 p.m.CZE @ LAT
Fri., May 209:20 a.m.GER @ ITA
Fri., May 209:20 a.m.GBR @ FIN
Fri., May 201:20 p.m.KAZ @ SVK
Fri., May 201:20 p.m.LAT @ AUT
Sat., May 215:20 a.m.DEN @ FRA
Sat., May 215:20 a.m.USA @ SWE
Sat., May 219:20 a.m.CAN @ SUI
Sat., May 219:20 a.m.AUT @ FIN
Sat., May 211:20 p.m.ITA @ SVK
Sat., May 211:20 p.m.NOR @ CZE
Sun., May 229:20 a.m.KAZ @ GER
Sun., May 229:20 a.m.GBR @ LAT
Sun., May 221:20 p.m.SUI @ FRA
Sun., May 221:20 p.m.SWE @ NOR
Mon., May 239:20 a.m.KAZ @ ITA
Mon., May 239:20 a.m.USA @ CZE
Mon., May 231:20 p.m.CAN @ DEN
Mon., May 231:20 p.m.AUT @ GBR
Tue., May 245:20 a.m.GER @ SUI
Tue., May 245:20 a.m.SWE @ LAT
Tue., May 249:20 a.m.SVK @ DEN
Tue., May 249:20 a.m.USA @ NOR
Tue., May 241:20 p.m.CAN @ FRA
Tue., May 241:20 p.m.FIN @ CZE
Thur., May 269:20 a.m.Quarter-Final
Thur., May 269:20 p.m.Quarter-Final
Thur., May 261:20 p.m.Quarter-Final
Thur., May 261:20 p.m.Quarter-Final
Sat., May 287:20 a.m.Semi-Final
Sat., May 2811:20 a.m.Semi-Final
Sun., May 298:20 a.m.Bronze Medal
Sun., May 291:20 p.m.Gold Medal

IIHF World Championship standings

Slovakia 1-0-0-03

United States1-0-0-03
Great Britain0-0-0-00

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This year’s IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is taking place in Finland. There are two host cities for the 2022 tournament, Helsinki and Tampere. The brand-new Nokia Arena in Tampere will serve as the main venue of the games, and will host both medal games.

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