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How the Philadelphia 76ers can Continue Their Process Towards Winning a Title

Plan A: Sign LeBron James

The 76ers, and city of Philadelphia, have made it no secret that they want the King to make the city of brotherly love his next home. In order to do this, the 76ers basically have to kiss all of the free agents listed above goodbye and hope that LeBron feels he can still win in Philly. I have personally made it clear that I have my doubts that Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and LeBron James could work. This is based on the fact that Simmons is extremely limited outside of the paint, Embiid is still developing an outside shot, and LeBron James tends to be the guy that has to have the offense flow through him, which is something he and Simmons have in common. If LeBron were to sign in Philly, the 76ers may look to trade the 10th overall pick to move back into the first round so they could have multiple first rounds to try to fill out depth on the roster.

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