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Horizon League Basketball Tournament Bracket, Standings, Schedule and Breakdown

The Horizon League basketball conference has been nothing short of disappointing this season. Cleveland State once again proved to be the powerhouse of the conference, winning 15 conference games and 19 overall. The following contains the Horizon League tournament bracket and schedule, as well as the standings and a preview of what we can expect to see.

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Horizon League Basketball Conference Standings

SchoolConf. RecordOverall RecordSeed
Cleveland State15-619-91 Seed
IPFW15-620-102 Seed
Northern Kentucky14-618-113 Seed
Wright State15-718-134 Seed
Oakland12-719-115 Seed
Detroit Mercy10-713-146 Seed
Youngstown State12-918-137 Seed
UIC9-1013-158 Seed
Milwaukee8-1410-219 Seed
Robert Morris5-167-2310 Seed
Green Bay4-165-2411 Seed
IUPUI1-163-2512 Seed

Horizon League Basketball Tournament Schedule

Dates: March 1, 3, 7-8
TV Schedule: ESPN+ (First Round and Quarterfinals), ESPNU (Semifinals Game 1), ESPN2 (Semifinals Game 2), ESPN (Championship)
Venue: Campus Sites (First Round and Quarterfinals), Indianapolis (Semifinals and Championship)
Byes: Top 4 get single-game bye
Defending Champion: Cleveland State

Horizon League Basektball Tournament Bracket

First Round

  • (5) Oakland 69, (12) IUPUI 58
  • (6) Detroit Mercy 79, (11) Green Bay 62
  • (10) Robert Morris 77, (7) Youngstown State 73
  • (8) UIC 80, (9) Milwaukee 69


  • (1) Cleveland State 83, (10) Robert Morris 67
  • (2) IPFW 78, (8) UIC 72
  • (3) Northern Kentucky 77, (6) Detroit Mercy 59
  • (4) Wright State 75, (5) Oakland 63


  • (4) Wright State 82, (1) Cleveland State 67
  • (3) Northern Kentucky 57, (2) IPFW 43


  • (4) Wright State 72, (3) Northern Kentucky 71

Wright State advances to NCAA Tournament

Horizon League Basketball Tournament Bracket, Standings, Schedule and Breakdown
Credit: @torrey_24/Twitter

Horizon League Basketball Conference Breakdown

The Cleveland State Vikings won the last Horizon League tournament in 2021. The Vikings have flat out dominated the Horizon League in recent memory, winning the last two regular-season titles and the aforementioned tournament. The Vikings once again feature the best roster in the conference. Since 2017, Wright State, Northern Kentucky and Cleveland State have combined for all of the tournament wins. In fact, the only one seed to win the tournament in the last nine years was the 2019 Northern Kentucky team.

No Horizon League basketball teams are currently featured in the NET top 100. In fact, only two teams are in the top 200, Oakland (153) and Cleveland State (175). The Oakland Golden Grizzlies average 74.9 points per game, which qualifies for 82nd in the country. Where the Grizzlies excel though is at the free throw line. Oakland shoots 79.7% from the line, good for fourth in the country. Cleveland State scores 75.6 points per game, good for 63rd in the country. Six players (all seniors) average seven or more points for Cleveland State. This puts them at 11th for assists per game with 16.7.

In regards to the preseason poll, there was not a terrible deviation from what was projected in the Horizon League. Cleveland State lived up to the number one hype, while IUPUI proved to fit the 12 ranking. The biggest overachiever in the conference was Purdue Fort Wayne, who was projected to finish ninth. The biggest underachiever was Milwaukee, who was projected to finish fifth.

green bay horizon league college basketball
Credit: Wheeling University

Team Stats | 2022 Horizon League Basketball Tournament

(1) Cleveland State

Net Ranking: 175
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 193
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 104.5 (157)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 106.4 (239)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -7.93 (344)

(2) Purdue Fort Wayne

Net Ranking: 228
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 228
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 100.9 (233)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 105.3 (206)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -8.22 (349)

(3) Northern Kentucky

Net Ranking: 206
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 212
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 102 (208)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 105.3 (207)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -7.43 (335)

(4) Wright State

Net Ranking: 209
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 195
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 106.1 (128)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 108.2 (268)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -7.47 (336)

(5) Oakland

Net Ranking: 153
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 175
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 103.8 (176)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 104.1 (187)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -3.80 (253)

(6) Detroit Mercy

Net Ranking: 231
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 230
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 106.1 (130)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 110.6 (299)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -3.75 (251)

(7) Youngstown State

Net Ranking: 244
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 254
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 103.9 (171)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 111.3 (313)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -9.40 (357)

(8) UIC

Net Ranking: 291
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 299
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 99.7 (260)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 110.9 (306)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -6.89 (326)

(9) Milwaukee

Net Ranking: 330
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 332
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 92.6 (344)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 109.2 (286)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -7.27 (333)

(10) Robert Morris

Net Ranking: 331
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 329
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 99.0 (269)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 114.7 (345)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -6.15 (313)

(11) Green Bay

Net Ranking: 344
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 342
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 92.8 (343)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 111 (308)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -6.07 (309)

(12) IUPUI

Net Ranking: 358
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 358
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 79.6 (358)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 112 (324)
Strength of Schedule Rating: -7.84 (340)

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