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Former Super Bowl Winner Brandon Jacobs Planning Surprise Comeback

Sometimes it’s hard to step away from the football field. Sport stars, of whatever discipline, will always hunger for a return to the glory days. In some fields, such as boxing, this yearning can result in horrendous returns that are pitiful to watch. Others can be heartwarming and effective. Brandon Jacobs, 39, may be hoping for the latter of these two possible outcomes. The former New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers star last took part in NFL action back in late 2013 and retired from the game on January 2nd 2014. That’s seven years ago for those who struggle with math.

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So what are the odds that Jacobs will find a team willing to offer him a contract ahead of the coming season? Seemingly quite low, but that doesn’t mean Jacobs isn’t willing to give it a go.

Brandon Jacobs nfl comeback
Credit: @BrandonJacobs27/Twitter

Brandon Jacobs Planning Surprise Comeback

The two-time Super Bowl champion claims that three teams have already contacted his agent, but Jacobs isn’t getting ahead of himself.

“I don’t want to throw names out there just yet because I was told not to, but it’ll be a shock,” Jacobs told Houma Today. “If I don’t get an opportunity, it’s fine. I’m currently coaching high school football and running a youth program, which I’m perfectly content with doing the rest of my life.”

Jacobs began his NFL career at the New York Giants in 2005, and was a fourth round pick in the draft, and enjoyed seven seasons at the franchise and won the XLII and XLVI Super Bowls before moving to the 49ers for one season.

An injury in training camp effectively ruined his one season at San Francisco, though the 49ers did make it all the way to the Super Bowl that year, albeit losing out to the Ravens in their nail biting 34-31 loss.

He returned to the MetLife Stadium for a further season before calling time on his career and has successful coaching in the intervening years.

Jacobs is both confident, and realistic, when it comes to both what he has to offer and the potential for a successful return to the NFL, stating;

“I think my ability as a defensive end, as an old man as they regard me, I think I can be one of the best in the league right now,” 

“To get out of the bed and get yourself going at this age is the only hard part. But once I get through that adversity, it’s easy.” Jacobs added.

Jacobs has been keeping in shape and has upped his fitness game ahead of a possible summer return that could well come to fruition.

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