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Fantasy Football Week 4 Add/Drop

Daniel Jones Giants
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For NFL players, bye weeks mean a week of recovery, rest and hopefully some well-earned time with their families. For fantasy owners, it means that you are likely without one or more of your starters and need to find an adequate replacement. For the next nine weeks of the season, at least two teams will be on bye at a time. Bye weeks can be tricky, but they are a good opportunity for the savvy fantasy owner to separate themselves from the rest of their league. One way to do this, aside from reading this waiver wire article, is to look ahead one week during bye weeks and make sure you grab a defense with a good matchup one week earlier than your opponents; this is more important when more teams are on bye.

In Week 4, the New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers are on bye, and there are only a handful of players that are widely owned and started that need to be replaced: Le’Veon Bell, Jamison Crowder, Robby Anderson, Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle, Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert. Some of my favorite replacements that can be found on the waiver wire for Week 4 follow. 

To be considered as a possible “add,” they need to be owned in less than 60% of ESPN leagues. The drops on this list are by no means must drop, but if you can add one of the add players, these are some of the first players you should drop. Prior to dropping a player, always try and package them with another player on your team for an upgrade at that position.

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