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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Results 2022

It’s that time of year! Fantasy football draft season has begun, and FlurrySports has gathered a solid group of experts to play out a fantasy football mock draft.

Along with this fantasy football mock draft, each expert answered a few questions to give us insight into their draft experience. Give them a follow on Twitter and feel free to ask them any and all fantasy football questions this season!

Experts Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2022

#1 Zach Brunner

1.01 — Jonathan Taylor

Jalen HurtsJonathan TaylorKeenan AllenRobert TonyanRavens
Javonte WilliamsCourtland Sutton
JK DobbinsRashod Bateman
Melvin Gordon IIIChristian Kirk
Nyheim HinesMarquez Valdes-Scantling
Michael Gallup

Favorite Pick: Man, there’s a lot, but I love getting Jalen Hurts at 6.12. This is a full round lower than his ADP, making that pick a great value. Hurts was already the most consistent QB in fantasy football last year, and now he has the opportunity to be a threat through the air this season.

Least Favorite Pick: I’m not in love with Javonte Williams at 2.12, even though that’s lower than his ADP. The good news is that I have Melvin Gordon as well, so I should have a clear RB1 if one of them is inactive, but he could still be a hit-or-miss RB2 this season.

Strategy: My only strategies coming into the draft was to not draft a kicker (never do that) and to wait at TE if I couldn’t get an elite option. Instead of spending an early draft pick on one of the other inconsistent TE options, I grabbed Robert Tonyan, who was a hyped-up eighth-round fantasy pick just a season ago. Expect him to have a large role in Green Bay this season.

Favorite Team: My favorite team in this fantasy football mock draft was Luke’s. While I think the debate over which two WRs will start for him on a given week could lead to lost points, QB, RB and DST are great. His team would be much more enjoyable to have in a best ball league.

#2 Zach Espinoza

1.02 — Derrick Henry

Patrick MahomesDerrick HenryJerry JeudyMark AndrewsRodrigo BlankenshipPatriots
Antonio GibsonAllen Robinson
Cordarrelle PattersonGeorge Pickens
Dameon PierceDeVante Parker
Jamaal WilliamsMecole Hardman

Favorite Pick: Simply put, Derrick Henry is the Titans’ offense. Two years ago, he had over 2,000 yards rushing. The new era of 17 weeks only means one thing: Derrick Henry is getting more yards. The Titans traded away A.J. Brown and the jury is still out on his replacements… expect Derrick Henry to return to his former glory of rushing champion.

Least Favorite Pick: Antonio Gibson. The receivers I was eyeing were selected just before my next picks, and I knew I had to address my RB2 selection. It wasn’t a pick out of desire, but rather, out of desperation to fill that role on my team. I was able to select Cordarrelle Patterson later in the fantasy football mock draft, and maybe he can work his way into my starting lineup over Gibson.

Strategy: Because it was a snake draft, I knew certain players wouldn’t be available the next time my name got called. So, in the first three rounds, I was able to select some of the top three players in their respective positions: running back, tight end and quarterback. I am banking on the firepower of these three to be supported by solid depth. However, other teams got better spread across the board and we will see how my season shapes out. All in all, I am happy with my first three picks as the foundation for my team, and I am excited for their projected seasons.

Favorite Team: Zach McAdoo’s

#3 Henry John

1.03 — Christian McCaffrey

Lamar JacksonChristian McCaffreyDeebo SamuelsZach ErtzEvan McPhersonBroncos
Saquon BarkleyMike Williams
Rhamondre StevensonGabe Davis
Brian RobinsonDeAndre Hopkins
Kenny Golladay
Jarvis Landry

Favorite Pick: Kenny Golladay (11.03)

While I was definitely hyped about landing Christian McCaffrey at third overall, my favorite pick was Kenny Golladay in the 11th round. People have quickly forgotten just how dominant he was as the alpha receiver in Detroit. At just 28 years old and now fully healthy (which was not the case last year), Golladay is in line to drastically outperform his current ADP.

Least Favorite Pick: DeAndre Hopkins (8.10)

Thanks to my internet connection deciding to lag in the middle of the fantasy football mock draft, I wound up auto-drafting DeAndre Hopkins. So, we’ll use my mock draft misfortune as an educational opportunity. Hopkins’ ADP is way too high, period. Combine his six-game PED suspension with the Cardinals’ Week 13 bye, and he is guaranteed to be unavailable for over half of the fantasy football regular season.

Strategy: Take What Comes Early, Reach for My Guys Later On

In each of the first three rounds, I ultimately drafted cornerstone players who fell to me. Christian McCaffrey started this off by dropping to me at No. 3 overall. I debated between Deebo Samuel and Saquon Barkley at 2.10 but ultimately wound up getting both players, as the latter fell to me at 3.03. Although there are injury concerns surrounding my top selections, it’s certainly a nasty trio if healthy. 

In the middle rounds, I got much more aggressive as far as going after “my guys.” Gabe Davis at 6.10, Rhamondre Stevenson at 7.03 and Brian Robinson at 10.10 were all reaches based on ADP. All three are also players I was more than willing to reach for to ensure that they wound up on my team.

Favorite Team: Luke Reimer

In all honesty, I feel like Luke navigated this draft about as well as he possibly could have at No. 7 overall. He loaded up on running backs early, with Najee Harris, Alvin Kamara and James Conner. Luke then utilized all of the depth at the wide receiver position to his advantage in the next three rounds. Tom Brady will be a solid QB, and Luke also did well to add the likes of Damien Harris, Robert Woods and Julio Jones as depth pieces.

#4 Ben Siebert

1.04 — Austin Ekeler

Dak PrescottAustin EkelerDJ MooreKyle PittsBrandon McManusBuccaneers
Leonard FournetteAmari CooperPat Freiermuth
Rashaad PennyDarnell Mooney
JD McKissicMarquise Brown
Jakobi Meyers

Favorite Pick: Marquise Brown. Simply for value. I really did not expect him to fall to the seventh round. I even took Darnell Mooney over him, though he would definitely be a great option as a WR2 or Flex for the first six weeks with DeAndre Hopkins suspended.

Least Favorite Pick: Amari Cooper. With how the other WRs fell, I feel like I reached for him when I didn’t need to.

Strategy: Securing an RB1 and RB2 in the first three rounds. The RB value starts to plummet after Round 3. Knowing I could draft a WR or a TE in the other rounds, it definitely worked out, as I found DJ Moore, Darnell Mooney and Marquise Brown falling to me in Rounds 4-7.

Favorite Team: Kevin Schroeder’s. That team seems to be the most well-rounded of the bunch, and it never helps if that was the team that snipes you twice.

#5 Zach McAdoo

1.05 — Cooper Kupp

Joe BurrowEzekiel ElliottCooper KuppDarren WallerJustin Tucker49ers
Josh JacobsCeeDee LambMike Gesicki
Kenneth WalkerDrake London
Devin SingletaryJahan Dotson
Marlon Mack

Favorite Pick: Darren Waller. The dude is a stud at TE and is a top-five TE in the league. Getting him in the fifth round is great.

Least Favorite Pick: Ezekiel Elliott. May have been a little reach at my spot in the third and, with the emergence of Pollard last year, Zeke could lose snaps.

Strategy: I decided to not draft an RB in the first two rounds. I gave it a chance and will never do that again.

Favorite Team: My favorite team is Zach Espinoza’s. A great value in getting Mahomes in the third and having King Henry will take you places.

#6 Kevin Schroeder

1.06 — Justin Jefferson

Kyler MurrayDavid MontgomeryJustin JeffersonTravis KelceDaniel CarlsonBills
Matthew StaffordElijah MitchellMike Evans
Chase EdmondsTreylon Burks
Tony PollardChase Claypool
Khalil Herbert

Favorite Pick: Travis Kelce. Going into this draft, I was set on trying to draft WRs and a TE in the first three rounds, assuming I could get Kelce in the second round. I was happy to get him with the seventh pick in the second round to get an elite difference maker at TE.

Least Favorite Pick: Matthew Stafford. Here is a cautionary tale to always have your draft app open or else you might get stuck with the autopick. While I like Stafford, I would not have taken a backup QB having already drafted Kyler Murray in the sixth round.

Strategy: Being a staunch RB hoarder I approached this draft with a WR/TE heavy strategy to see how it would turn out. Needless to say, my WRs and TE are top notch but not sure that I got the RBs with the upside that I would have liked.

Favorite Team: There are some tough choices, but I think my favorite would be Luke’s team with his nice RB group and WRs to start and Tom Brady at QB. This looks like a tough squad to go up against.

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#7 Luke Reimer

1.07 — Najee Harris

Tom BradyNajee HarrisJaylen WaddleHunter HenryRams
Alvin KamaraChris Godwin
James ConnerJuJu Smith-Schuster
Damien HarrisRobert Woods
Rachaad WhiteKadarius Toney
Julio Jones

Favorite Pick: JuJu Smith-Schuster in the sixth. Outside of Travis Kelce, it appears to me that JuJu is the guy in KC. His ability to beat man coverage underneath should provide a little of what Tyreek Hill provided underneath. Being the top WR in KC is never a bad thing.

Least Favorite Pick: Kadarius Toney. Other than forgetting to draft a kicker, my least favorite pick was Kadarius Toney. I do not have much faith in the Giants offense, especially with a new coaching staff. There is some upside for Toney, but I think it may be too difficult to predict when the big games come.

Strategy: I dont know if I totally followed a “set” strategy, but I tried to get two or more RB1s on my team and I think that worked well. Also, in a response to that, I drafted six WRs in eight picks from Rounds 4 to 11. That was mainly to make sure that I have talent at WR to help compliment Najee Harris, Alvin Kamara and James Conner. I think getting a handful of receivers who will probably produce similar numbers makes your starting lineup a little more flexible.

Favorite Team: I really like what Henry did with getting a bonafide stud at both RB and WR in the first two rounds. Granted he stays somewhat in the hunt, DeAndre Hopkins will only help him when he gets back from suspension.

#8 Trevor Land

1.08 — Ja’Marr Chase

Trey LanceAaron JonesJa’Marr ChaseDavid NjokuColts
Russell WilsonTravis EtienneTee Higgins
AJ DillonAdam Thielen
Kareem HuntTyler Lockett
Darrell HendersonTyler Boyd

Favorite Pick: Tyler Boyd. While it is unorthodox to stack three receivers from the same team as I ended up doing, Boyd finished as WR33 last season. With Chase and Higgins already on my team, Boyd not only gives me an insurance policy should one of the aforementioned two get hurt, but he’s also a nice sleeper in a round where others were taking backup QBs and TEs.

Least Favorite Pick(s): Tee Higgins. While I like Higgins as a receiver, the late third round proved difficult to pick, as I had to choose between receivers with shaky QBs or injury prone RBs. Picking him puts a lot of pressure on the Bengals’ offense for my team.

Strategy: My strategy initially was to go with a mixed strategy that saw me take three RBs and three WRs in the first six rounds. With just one FLEX and two WRs, there is little benefit to loading up at one position. Stocking up on both WR and RB makes the team much more resistant to being tanked by one major injury.

Favorite Team: My favorite team is Luke’s. Not only did he get two absolute studs at RB in Najee Harris and Alvin Kamara, but he also surrounded them with two solid receivers and a lot of really good depth on the bench. Out of every team, his team should at the very least be the most consistent.

#9 Jake Sennholz

1.09 — Stefon Diggs

Justin HerbertNick ChubbStefon DiggsDalton SchultzMatt PraterChargers
Cam AkersAmon-Ra St BrownAlbert Okwuegbunham
Alexander MattisonHunter Renfrow
Allen Lazard
Chris Olave
Romeo Doubs

Favorite Pick: Justin Herbert. He is primed for an incredible year, and I felt the value and consistency he would provide far outweighed any position player I logically would have drafted in that spot. I also love Romeo Doubs in the 11th round. With Rodgers as his QB, it won’t take much for him to outplay his draft spot. He’s a gem to hold onto. It’s a pick full of potential without having to reach.

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick was Dalton Schultz at 5.09 in this fantasy football mock draft. After that pick, I felt as though my team had no identity, and that I wasted a pick on a very replicable player while there was still an immense amount of talent on the board.

Strategy: Being in the sixth round with just one receiver was tough, so I decided to go on a run at the position and selected five receivers in my next six picks. It ended up working out phenomenally well.

Favorite Team: I thought Luke had a very nice draft. Our rosters ended up being quite different, as he took five RBs compared to my three. His receiving corps is not the strongest, but with RB being far less deep and injuries more likely to occur, he is primed with trade bait and may be able to take advantage of someone else’s WR depth if they end up in a desperate spot.

#10 Hunter Skoczylas

1.10 — Dalvin Cook

Aaron RodgersDalvin CookMichael PittmanCole KmetMatt GaySteelers
D’Andre SwiftTerry McLaurin
Clyde Edwards-HelaireBrandin Cooks
Tyler AllgeierElijah Moore
DeVonta Smith
Rondale Moore

Favorite Pick: It has to be Dalvin Cook falling to me at 1.10. I was aiming for Mixon or Swift there but was glad to take both Cook as my top back and still manage to grab Swift.

Least Favorite Pick: It’s easily Rondale Moore in the 10th round for this fantasy football mock draft. It was an autopick and I definitely didn’t need a sixth receiver there.

Strategy: My strategy was to get two running backs with my first two picks and aim for the remaining starters based on the value. Waiting on QB until later rounds was the plan to grab solid flex options.

Favorite Team: I like FantasyFlurry’s (Zach Brunner) team the most. His running backs are very nice and he has both of their handcuffs. Jalen Hurts is poised for a breakout season, and he was able to get a somewhat dependable tight end option in Tonyan.

#11 Kevin Riley

1.11 — Josh Allen

Josh AllenBreece HallTyreek HillGeorge KittleHarrison ButkerSaints
Derek CarrJames CookDK MetcalfDawson Knox
James RobinsonMichael Thomas
Isiah PachechoGarrett Wilson

Favorite Pick: Isiah Pachecho at the 12.2

Least Favorite Pick: Michael Gallup.

Strategy: My strategy went out the window before it got to my 1.11 pick. I was targeting Jefferson, Harris, or Cook at that spot, and they were all taken. So, I just went for the most balanced starters.

#12 Josh Wolmer

1.12 — Joe Mixon

Kirk CousinsJoe MixonDavante AdamsTJ HockensonTyler BassCowboys
Miles SandersDiontae JohnsonDallas Goedert
Michael CarterAJ Brown
Kenneth GainwellBrandon Aiyuk
Skyy Moore

Favorite Pick: Treylon Burks who was taken in the ninth round by Kevin. He is a sleeper pick and a guy I think could be a top-24 WR by the end of the season. He was dominant last year at Arkansas and is primed to do the same in Tennessee, where the WR2 is Robert Woods.

Least Favorite Pick: My least favorite pick was Josh Allen in the first round. By no means does a QB get taken in round one in any draft except a 2QB league. Allen might be great, but when QB value from a fifth-rounder to an 11th-rounder is only a few points difference, you don’t waste an early pick like that on a QB.

Strategy: A strategy I followed was not reaching players based on team needs. If you reach and sacrifice early, you are already playing from behind. I waited on an RB2 until one fell into my lap at the right time, then loaded up with top receivers. I also waited on a QB and went with someone with so much upside and could be top-10 by the end of the season.

Favorite Team: The favorite team definitely has to be Ben Siebert, who killed the fantasy football mock. In the first two rounds, he got great fantasy running backs, then he went with Kyle Pitts, who will be nuclear this year. After that, he loaded up with wide receivers, DJ Moore, who might be the only trustworthy receiver on that offense, and Amari Cooper, who will be the high-target volume for below-average QBs.  To fill the flex, he took Mooney who was a league-winner last year and is primed to do the same this year.

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