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Davante Adams Stats in Cold Great Ahead of NFC Championship

The Green Bay Packers took home a massive victory against the Los Angeles Rams last week. This sets them up to play in their fifth NFC Championship in the Aaron Rodgers era. The only caveat in this situation is that this game will played at Lambeau Field. Rodgers’ first home championship game comes against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Two of the Packers’ biggest strengths, Davante Adams and below freezing weather, should play huge factors in this clash of the titans.

Davante Adams stats buccaneers vs packers nfc championship
Credit: Benny Sieu/USA TODAY Sports

Davante Adams Stats in Cold Weather

Davante Adams has been the best receiver in the NFL this season. Historically, his production hasn’t changed when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Proved by last season’s divisional game, Adams should be a major part in Green Bay’s offense on Sunday.

The game is projected to be 27 degrees at the time of kickoff, with a chance of snow. Much like Rodgers and the rest of the Packers, Adams excels in freezing temperatures.

This is how he has performed in his career in games under 28 degrees.

Game% SnapsTgtRecRec YdsRec TDYAC/RTgt %Rec (20+)
2014-12-28, vs DET90.9%000000.0%0
2015-01-11, vs DAL89.7%11711711128.2%2
2016-01-03, vs MIN68.4%645407.2514.0%1
2016-12-11, vs SEA89.8%64104110.2521.4%2
2016-12-18, @ CHI98.4%62250716.7%0
2017-01-08, vs NYG98.6%12812516.2526.1%3
2019-12-15, vs CHI93.2%13710316.1440.6%2
2020-01-12, vs SEA92.1%11816027.8835.5%3

The low point in Adams’ season came when he suffered a sprained ankle early in the season. The first game he was back was when the Packers were matched up against the Buccaneers. He finished that game with six catches for 61 yards. It is more than likely that Adams still wasn’t 100% healthy and was being worked back into the game plan. Sunday, Adams comes into the game without an injury designation. After a game that saw him win his matchup with Jalen Ramsey, Adams should be a focal point of Green Bay’s offense.

What Does This Mean for Davante Adams and the Packers Offense?

This means that Adams should be a major part in the Packers’ game plan this week. Adams has been nothing short of spectacular this season. The Packers need to feature Adams in their offense to win. Rodgers and Adams have been some of the best cold weather players in NFL history and that should be the case for this Sunday as well.

Not bad for two guys from northern California.

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