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Cordarrelle Patterson Recruiting Russell Wilson to the Bears on Twitter

The drama between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks continues to heat up. Today, a list of four Russell Wilson trade destinations from his personal team came out, which included the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Las Vegas Raiders.

Of course, it would be tough on the Seahawks financially to do this transaction, which makes the trade unlikely. Wilson has also stated he has not requested a trade, but this seems like a statement to keep himself in the good graces of the fans while his team does the dirty work.

With the media picking up this story and running with it, Wilson’s name has been across all of the NFL headlines today. His name has also been in the Tweets of Chicago Bears playmaker Cordarrelle Patterson.

russell wilson trade chicago bears rumors
Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Cordarrelle Patterson Wanting Russell Wilson Trade to Bears

Patterson wouldn’t have been the first name to come to mind as the lead recruiter in Chicago. However, he certainly is putting in the effort.

He quickly slid into Wilson’s mentions, helping the Pro Bowler find a way out of Seattle.

Patterson took it a hilarious step further, showing off his #NewProfilePic.

Before today, most people would have laughed if you said Wilson may get traded to the Bears. However, them being among his four choices is intriguing. Patterson saw a small glimpse of an opportunity, and we know he was not going to take a knee and pass this up.

Wilson would likely become the greatest quarterback in Bears history immediately, though it isn’t saying much. Could we actually see a Russell Wilson trade to the Bears this offseason?

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