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Chiefs Propose New Rule Change to Allow New Players to Wear Single-Digit Numbers

Earlier this week, the NFL announced that the league owners would be voting on 13 rule or bylaw changes that could come into effect as soon as the 2021 season. One of those such rule changes is a proposal by the Kansas City Chiefs to change the NFL jersey number rule, allowing skill position players to wear single-digit numbers. If this change is implemented, it could have a major wide-spread effect on fans, teams, players and even television networks.

If and when implemented, skill position players will be able to wear any number 1-49. It also allows non-quarterback, offensive skill position players to wear the numbers 80-89. Finally, it would also allow linebackers to wear numbers in the high 90’s. Here’s how the rule change would play out if implemented.

nfl jersey number rule change
Tyreek Hill would look even faster with a #1 jersey. (Credit: Jay Biggerstaff/USA TODAY Sports)

NFL Jersey Number Rule Change

PositionCurrent RuleRule Change
RB/FB20-491-49, 80-89
WR10-19, 80-891-49, 80-89
TE40-49, 80-891-49, 80-89
DL50-79, 90-9950-79, 90-99
LB40-591-59, 90-99
CBS Sports

With all this being said, here is my top three players that should have worn single-digits in the NFL:

  1. Deion Sanders: Sanders was probably the most electric player in the league when he was playing. Sanders wore the number two while playing at Florida State. If this rule had been implemented, then Sanders would have absolutely worn the same number in the NFL.
  2. Tyreek Hill: The Chiefs are the team that proposed this rule change, so Tyreek Hill must have said something. I can just imagine Hill blowing by a defensive back wearing the number one. He would look faster wearing a single digit number, if that’s possible.
  3. Devin Hester: Hester is the best return man I’ve seen in my lifetime. He amassed over 11,000 return yards, and hit pay-dirt twenty times. He would be a blur wearing the number four like he did in college.
Devin Hester Return in Super Bowl XLI

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