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Best NFL Futures Bets 2022 – Bet the Bears to Suck

It’s NFL Futures Friday! Every Friday from now until Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season will be giving out the best NFL futures bets to place right now on BetOnline Sportsbook. We have five great money-making bets for today.

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NFL Betting Futures Bets 2022

Best NFL Futures Bets 2022 | NFL Betting Picks

Chicago Bears UNDER 4.5 Wins (+200)

We’ll start our NFL futures bets off with an alternative win bet. If you want something less risky, with less lucrative odds, bet the Chicago Bears to win fewer than six games for automatic money. However, if you pick them to win fewer than 4.5 games, then you will triple your money, with +200 odds.

This may be the least talented roster in the NFL, paired with a poor and inexperienced coaching staff. There is nothing redeemable about this team. The Bears may be the worst team in the NFL, and at some point, they will decide to actively lose games for a better draft position.

We know there will be a couple of teams with three or fewer wins, and the Bears look to be one of the teams.

Detroit Lions 3rd in NFC North (+150)

If the Bears are going to win fewer than 4.5 games, then they are going to finish last in the NFC North. This means the Detroit Lions will likely finish third, with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings more talented than them. For the Lions to finish third, we see +150 odds.

The Lions’ schedule overall this season is incredibly easy. Possibly the best part of their schedule is that they face the Bears twice this season. As long as Detroit can win at least five games, they should finish third.

Packers 2-0 vs Chicago Bears (-180)

The odds for this NFL futures bet are less lucrative, but free money is the best money. Aaron Rodgers is the Bears’ owner, as we heard him say last season. He has a 22-5 record against them in his career and a 10-1 record over the past 11 matchups. Sure, Justin Fields is a talented guy, but this is one of the worst Chicago Bears teams Rodgers has ever faced.

New York Giants UNDER 7 Wins (-105)

This is a win total that is a bit puzzling. Who thinks the New York Giants is going to go 8-9 or better? There’s no chance, which makes this NFL futures bet extremely safe.

The best-case scenario for the Giants, in my opinion, is winning six games, which would be considered a major accomplishment. If this happens, Daniels Jones would likely have had a good season, players would stay healthy, etc. The Giants could win one more game over what I believe their ceiling is, and we still won’t lose money.

The Giants’ defense has too many holes and the offense is too injury-prone for them to win over six games, in my opinion, making this a safe bet and a puzzling line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Win Super Bowl (+850)

Now is one of the best times to place a wager on the 2023 Super Bowl odds. The value is at an all-time high, and the obvious bet to make is for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win it all.

Tom Brady returned from his short retirement for a reason. There are many great stories that could be told about this situation, and all of them include the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. And by the way, all we are looking to do is pick a team to MAKE the Super Bowl, as we could hedge our bet after that. Without a doubt, the Buccaneers have the easiest road.

There are many teams in the AFC that could legitimately make the big game, while the NFC looks to be much weaker. So, there are many more roads that lead to the Super Bowl for Tampa Bay than anyone else.

Also, the Buffalo Bills are the favorite to win it all. Why? The only thing the Bills have proven is that they are incapable of getting out of their own way. So, if the Super Bowl odds are correct and the Bills and Buccaneers face off, you have to feel good about Tom Brady beating the Bills one last time.

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