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    • Top-5 WRs in the NFL

      For a majority of people, the list of their top-3 wide receivers are exactly the same. It includes Antonio Brown, Julio...

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    • The Audacity of Bleacher Report (Ep. 107) July 25, 2022
      In the Season 4 finale, Zach and Jake listen to Jake's newest song about Rudy Gobert, then the two predict everything about the NFL season. Sponsor: EveryPlate - Website:
    • Comparing Apples to OJ (Ep. 106) July 18, 2022
      Zach and Jake play "Am I the Bad Guy" with a newly-retired player, put someone else in the "Burying the Lead" Hall of Fame, talk Avengers, then finish with a draft of things that are less interesting/important since the internet became a thing.
    • You Don't Hate the Astros (Ep. 105) July 11, 2022
      Zach and Jake discuss the Rudy Gobert trade and the best possible storyline for the Kevin Durant trade. Afterwards, Jake gives Zach MLB storylines to care about, then they draft overplayed songs they still like. Sponsor: EveryPlate - Website: