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Add/Drop for Week 7

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I haven’t been able to figure out if this NFL season has been amazing or terrible with the week-to-week craziness. Up until this week, I’ve been leaning towards great. Sure, it means we need to work a bit harder in fantasy and luck is more evident than ever before. But as a fan of football, having no clear Super Bowl favorite will make the second half of the season that much more exciting.

Like I said before, those were my feelings up until this week. Those who know me are aware I am a fan of the Packers. On Sunday, Anthony Barr drove Aaron Rodgers into the turf, breaking his clavicle in his throwing shoulder. Monday was eerie around Wisconsin. Packers fans everywhere walked around emotionless, as if their grandma had passed away…but worse. The only thing more difficult than a loss to the Vikings is the loss of our captain, our leader, our quarterback, our savior, the baaaaad man, Aaron Rodgers.

Now, those who know me also know my strong hatred, yes hatred, for Mike McCarthy. I think he is a terrible coach and a worse play-caller. He has cost us big games time and time again. It has been trendy to hate on Mike McCarthy in Wisconsin in recent years, but understand that I was even doing it during their Super Bowl season. I’m just happy to have a bit more support now. This loss of Aaron Rodgers will cause the offense to really struggle and show McCarthy’s incompetencies, but now he gets to fall back on the excuse of being without the league’s best player. This frustrates me even more than actually losing Rodgers.

Anyways….fantasy football, right? Week six was as crazy as ever, with the continuing pile of injuries, upsets, and more controversial calls with the Patriots. Obviously we’re focused more on the injuries right now. I’ll get into injuries more specifically on the slides for each position’s “adds.” We also have bye weeks to worry about, but only two this week: Lions and Texans.

Let’s jump right into it and see if we can find some gems to win you the championship! I will be giving you some suggestions of players you should add or drop, with each player’s ownership in ESPN leagues.

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