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A Beginners Guide to Buying a Putter

Golf is a beautiful game. Although it might look effortless on the television when Jon Rahm hits a hole in one on par 3, golf is a game of extreme precision. Whether you are trying to find a new source of recreation or looking forward to closing your next business deal in the fairway, you need to develop an elementary skill set to hit the ball correctly on the course.

Although certain factors like the stroke, posture, grip, swing, etc., can make you a better golfer, selecting the best putters for beginners is a crucial step to take. Here’s what you need to look at while buying a putter as a beginner. Once you’ve nailed the basics, and if you feel as though you enjoy golfing and you’re wanting to continue, then you might even wish to look for the various custom golf putters you could purchase and add a little more customization to your game on the green.

Style of Putting

If you are a beginner golfer, you first want to figure out your putting style. In golf, swinging styles are distinct for every individual. While you may find some players taking the club way inside while hitting the ball, others play a push draw or go for it straight. 

When putting, you can either go with an arc stroke or a straight-through stroke. It is common in most beginner golfers to go for a putter wholly based on its looks. Although all your golf clubs should look attractive to you, their functionality must always take precedence. 

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The Head

The next important factor while choosing a putter is its head. The type of head you pick should correspond with your playing style. Here are the three main types of heads to pick from – 

Blade: It has a narrow design from the face to the back and is a popular choice for those who find the hole quickly on the green, without many miss-hits.

Mid-mallet: This type of head is heavier at the back to shift the center of gravity behind. The design increases the inertia along the toe axis and can be a good choice for hitting the ball uphill. 

Full mallet: In this design, the weight is often split into the two back corners of the head, making them the most efficient clubs when it comes to putting. You should go with the full mallet if you are starting out, as it ensures the most negligible chances of error.

Face loft 

You must also consider the face loft as it is related to the green speed. The green region in a golf course has elevations and depressions, which make it challenging for putters to put the ball into the hole at one go. 

The green speed is the measure of how fast the ball will roll towards the hole after it is hit, taking into account the elevation of the green area. Most green speeds vary from seven to ten. But a green speed of 7 is considered very slow, and most PGA tour courses will have green speeds as high as 12. 

Under normal circumstances, you want your putter to have a loft between three to four degrees. So even if the ball finds itself in a depression, you can easily scoop it out. 

When looking for the best putters for beginners, these are the factors you need to keep in mind. It can be challenging if you have limited or no experience or knowledge about golf, so make sure you listen to the pros. 

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