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5 Signs Why Solo Sikoa Could Betray WWE Champion Roman Reigns and The Bloodline

In the aftermath of WWE Survivor Series WarGames, all appears to be well within The Bloodline. Alongside The Usos, Solo Sikoa and Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns continued his run of dominance with a win over The Brawling Brutes team at WarGames.

Some have said that Zayn effectively “sold his soul” to undisputed champion Roman Reigns and The Bloodline at Survivor Series. Former best friend and fellow Canadian, Kevin Owens, was the sacrificial lamb by which Zayn finally earned the full trust of Reigns and the embrace from Jey Uso that many felt would never happen.

While all appears to be fine and dandy on “The Island of Relevancy,” longtime fans of WWE know full well that arguably the most dominant faction in sports entertainment history is destined to crumble at some point. What if the man who ultimately turns on Reigns is none other than his own cousin, Solo Sikoa? The following offers up five reasons to believe that Sikoa could be the one destined to stab The Tribal Chief in the back.

The Bloodline Roman Reigns Solo Sikoa Sami Zayn The Usos WWE Survivor Series WarGames
Credit: WWE

Why Sami Zayn Will NOT Turn on The Bloodline

For months now, most have logically assumed that Sami Zayn would inevitably play a part in the destruction of The Bloodline. As the only non-blood/non-family member of the group (aside from The Wise Man, Paul Heyman), this would certainly make sense. However, after Survivor Series WarGames, the idea that Zayn would stab Roman Reigns and The Bloodline in the back seems more far-fetched than ever.

After Zayn “sold his soul” at Survivor Series, a new popular theory emerged. Are Reigns and The Bloodline setting Zayn up to turn on him? Considering that Kevin Owens himself warned Zayn of this heading into Survivor Series, it’s easy to see why so many WWE fans believe it to be the case.

One must also not overlook the fact that Zayn is quite literally the face of The Bloodline. As such, it makes very little sense for the crowd favorite to stab The Tribal Chief in the back. At this point in time, it’s much more plausible that Reigns and The Usos would cast Zayn off of The Island of Relevancy.

Where Does the Loyalty of Solo Sikoa Lie?

So, where does this proposed theory leave Solo Sikoa? Well, there’s no denying the close bond that the enforcer of The Bloodline has had with Zayn since arriving from WWE NXT. If the rest of the family turns on Zayn, could Sikoa walk away with him? It’s possible, but the character of Solo Sikoa seems much more inclined to do things on his own accord and on his own time.

When and where Sikoa turns on Reigns and The Bloodline is anyone’s guess. While said turn remains purely speculative at this time, here are some signs that suggest it is at least a possibility down the road.

Solo Sikoa WWE The Bloodline Roman Reigns
Credit: WWE

5 Signs That Solo Sikoa Could Turn on Roman Reigns and The Bloodline

1) He No Longer Points to the Sky to Salute The Tribal Chief

When Solo Sikoa first arrived on the WWE main roster from NXT, he was consistently saluting Roman Reigns just like the other members of The Bloodline. Whenever the family faction enters an arena, part of the scene is that all members point their index finger to the sky in a salute to The Tribal Chief. As recently as the Crown Jewel premium live event in Saudi Arabia, Sikoa could be seen engaging in the iconic salute with the rest of The Bloodline.

Although it’s tough to put a finger on when exactly Solo Sikoa stopped giving this salute, it happened sometime in the weeks between Crown Jewel and Survivor Series WarGames. After The Bloodline’s victory at WarGames, he was quite visibly the only member who did not raise his hand to the sky. Sikoa instead went with the patented crossed-arms pose that has become a staple of his in recent weeks.

Look closely at that iconic post-match photo from Survivor Series and it almost looks as though Sikoa’s lack of acknowledgment is drawing the ire of both Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Some members of the WWE Universe have argued that the scowls are directed at Sami Zayn. Not only would that argument not make sense based on what took place in the match but the gazes are clearly going further past Zayn.

2) Did He Ever Truly Acknowledge Roman Reigns in the First Place?

Our second sign goes all the way back to the very first episode of Friday Night SmackDown that Solo Sikoa was a part of. After coming to Roman Reigns’ aid at Clash at the Castle the week before, the entirety of The Bloodline was present in the ring that night. Paul Heyman went on one of his classic monologues regarding Solo Sikoa and how the Anoa’i Family sent him to be the group’s “Enforcer”.

What happened next seems to have gotten lost in the sauce for many members of the WWE Universe who have been speculating on the fate of The Bloodline. Reigns took the mic back from Heyman and demanded that Sikoa publicly acknowledge him. The newest member of The Bloodline obliged, speaking the words, “I acknowledge you my tribal chief.” However, when Reigns proceeded to embrace Sikoa, the latter’s face was very telling.

It’s understandable that Sikoa’s character may not be super into meaningful hugs and embraces, but the nature of how this public acknowledgment went down was and still is too powerful to ignore.

3) He Did Not Embrace The Usos and Sami Zayn on WWE RAW

Timing is everything in the WWE. Not only did Kevin Owens interrupt The Bloodline’s segment on Monday Night RAW earlier this week, but he did so at a time so perfect that it excused Solo Sikoa from joining Jimmy and Jey Uso and Sami Zayn in an embrace.

Of course, Sikoa not joining the family hug wasn’t the only peculiar takeaway from the November 28th episode of WWE RAW. Once again, he did not point a finger to the sky to acknowledge Roman Reigns. A ringside staredown with Kevin Owens during the latter’s main event match against Jey Uso only furthered the narrative that Sikoa has what it takes to step out on his own as a fierce solo (pun intended) competitor.

Perhaps the opening few lines of Sikoa’s new main roster theme song shed some light on his true place within The Bloodline narrative:

“I have been destined to win,
Alpha, Omega, the end,
Let it begin, you a scope through my lens,
I do not follow no trends…”

“Taking It All” by def rebel

Needless to say, those lyrics don’t exactly befit a superstar who is set to reside under the shadow of others long term. Note too that this theme song first came about when Sikoa made the jump from NXT to the main WWE roster.

4) Previous Storylines About His Relationship with The Bloodline Don’t Add Up

Going back to Solo Sikoa’s very questionable acknowledgment of Roman Reigns, the key element to note is that he was sent by The Elders. Reigns may be The Tribal Chief, but he is clearly not one of the elders of the Anoa’i Family. Now, who exactly these elders are is anyone’s guess.

With swirling rumors that Reigns is destined to face The Rock at WrestleMania next spring, it becomes a whole lot easier to fathom the idea that these elders sent Sikoa for motives that have nothing to do with the well-being of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and the rest of The Bloodline.

As far as Sikoa’s allegiance to The Bloodline not making historical sense, there are two tangible points to consider. The first harkens back to his days in NXT. On two different occasions, Sikoa gave promos in which he talked about The Bloodline leaving him behind and that he didn’t care about Reigns or The Usos at all. Why would he promote these ideas publicly only to later fall quietly in line as a loyal member of the group?

The other compelling piece surfaced shortly after Sikoa helped Reigns retain the titles at Clash at the Castle. In a subsequent interview, Sikoa admitted that the premium live event in Cardiff marked the first time in roughly 20 years that he had seen his cousin. He also stated that he was never close with Reigns growing up like his brothers, Jimmy and Jey, were. Perhaps this is why Reigns looks shocked at Sikoa’s mere presence in the Twitter photo above as the two departed the ringside area at Clash at the Castle.

5) He is the Only Bloodline Member Without a Championship

For a long time, many believed that Solo Sikoa would wind up going after GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship. After all, the two have experience working together previously back in NXT. However, it appears as though Braun Strowman is set to be GUNTHER’s next problem after he inevitably defends against the winner of the SmackDown World Cup.

Ironically, the NXT North American Championship is the only title that Sikoa has held since joining The Bloodline on the main roster. Sikoa stepped to the plate as a fill-in for Wes Lee and ultimately defeated then-champion Carmelo Hayes for the belt.

After successfully defending the championship a few days later on WWE SmackDown, Sikoa was ultimately forced to relinquish the title belt as he was not sanctioned to be in the match and would no longer part of the NXT roster. He has not held gold since then. Perhaps even more importantly, Sikoa hasn’t even earned a shot at winning a main roster title.

Aside from the IC title and the United States Championship on Monday Night RAW, The Bloodline holds all of the gold in WWE. As such, turning on Roman Reigns might be the quickest path Sikoa has to capture a championship.

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