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4 Best Golf Balls for Beginners on a Budget

Are you looking to start playing golf? It’s a rather challenging sport but one that everyone should undertake!

But before you take a swing, you want to make sure you’re always playing with the best golf balls.

Believe it or not, the golf balls you play with have a great impact on how you play the game.

But what are the best cheap golf balls to help you get started?

Here’s what you need to know:

Golf Balls for Beginners

4 Best Golf Balls for Beginners on a Budget

1. Titleist

Titleist is the best option for new golfers. They have a great reputation for driving, pitching, and chipping shots.

These are also favored by the professionals so you can keep using them as you improve your game. These are also one of the more affordable options available.

From Rock Bottom Golf, you can get these golf balls at an even lower price than expected! Titleist golf balls are always the best when you’re playing at a golf tournament.

If you want to build experience playing 18 holes, then this is the ideal golf ball to try out!

2. Wilson Tour Velocity

These are great golf balls if you want to improve your distance. For many new golfers, the biggest challenge is to hit your golf ball as far as possible.

You can find these at affordable prices at most retailers. It’s also got a compression core that makes it easier for ball trajectory.

This is a great one to take to the driving range. If you want to improve your practice with driving then these are the golf balls to use.

3. Srixon Soft Feel

These are lesser-known among amateur golfers but are one of the most underrated options available.

You’ll get to practice your impact hitting with this golf ball. As it’s a “soft” golf ball, you’ll have to hit the ball harder to extend the distance.

More expensive golf balls don’t require harder hitting. However, this is a great way to improve your backswing and front swing. This is another great golf ball to practice with at the driving range.

4. Callaway Chrome Soft

This is another great soft golf ball that new golfers will love. It’s great for distance driving. It’s got a great reputation for improving your golf spinning techniques.

It’s also more durable than most cheaper golf balls. This is great if you want to practice on a golf course.

If you take lessons with a coach, you might find that this is the golf ball that they’ll recommend.

Find the Best Golf Balls

Now you can use these best golf balls to improve your game and introduce yourself to this great sport!

Titleist and Wilson offer great options for playing on a golf course and a driving range. You can expect these golf balls to serve you for different types of shots.

Srixon and Callaway golf balls are softer which helps you improve your swings. You’ll also find that Callaway golf balls are durable so you can expect them to last much longer.

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