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3 Best QB Options for the Colts Following Carson Wentz Trade

The quarterback news ahead of NFL Free Agency continues to roll in. Today, the Indianapolis Colts pulled off a Carson Wentz trade that general manager Chris Ballard should be applauded for. Not only did the Washington Commanders pay for Wentz’s full salary, but they also sent high draft picks to the Colts.

Now, the Colts have more draft picks and more cap space. In fact, they have the most cap space in the NFL. However, they don’t have a quarterback. There are quite a few veteran quarterbacks available this offseason still. With Indianapolis seemingly a quarterback away from contending, filling their starting QB spot via the NFL Draft doesn’t appear to be a true option. So, look for the Colts to make another move.

With this in mind, here are the three best quarterback options for the Colts following the Carson Wentz trade. Of course, we’re talking realistic options. Sorry Colts fans, Andrew Luck is still retired.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback options jimmy garoppolo marcus mariota
Credit: Sports Illustrated

Best Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Options Following Carson Wentz Trade

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

It seems widely known that the San Francisco 49ers are making Jimmy Garoppolo available. However, don’t think the 49ers NEED to trade him away. It’s clear this is general manager John Lynch’s plan, but it’s also clear head coach Kyle Shanahan disagrees with this plan. Still, the Colts are in a position to make an offer they can’t refuse.

Last season, Wentz checked out of run plays only to throw balls in the dirt. We know Garoppolo is more than happy handing the ball off and doing whatever it takes to win games. This is shown by his eight pass attempts in the NFC Championship a couple of seasons ago.

Simply, Garoppolo will perform inside the game plan, color inside the lines and run the offense as it’s meant to be run. Assuming the Colts get at least one more solid receiving weapon, Garoppolo is their best bet…when he is healthy, which will always be a massive question mark with him.

Marcus Mariota, Free Agent

Marcus Mariota had a few snaps with the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite the limited playing time, he really impressed. Again, he is someone willing to play inside the game plan and hand the ball off when that’s the correct read. He is also an accurate passer and a mobile quarterback, which will only help to open up running lanes for the Colts.

Mariota is also a free agent, so the Colts don’t need to give up anything to get him. It also may not take much to sign him. So, considering they have the most money to play with, Indianapolis could open up the checkbook and truly fill all the holes they have, if they aren’t breaking the bank on a quarterback.

Tyrod Taylor, Free Agent

No, Mitchell Trubisky nor Jameis Winston are better fits to be the Indianapolis Colts quarterback than Tyrod Taylor. Give Tyrod a damn chance.

He is extremely respected in the locker room and he performs well wherever he goes. He just somehow finds himself in situations to always lose his job to rookies after an injury. Because of his past injuries, the Colts must have a backup plan. Possibly a combo of Mariota and Taylor. But this is a quarterback that delivers the ball on time, can still move and is incredibly smart. This man also brought the Bills to the playoffs somehow and hasn’t been rewarded for it! Give him an opportunity to lead another team, please. There clearly isn’t much time left. Still, 33 in August is by no means ancient.

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