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2020 NFL Betting Tips And Advice: 5 Betting Reminders To Take Note Of

Aside from the big teams and names in the NFL, football betting is probably one of the reasons why this sporting event continues to grow over time. In the past, we have seen many football enthusiasts filling-up every venue, not only seeing every player but participating in the betting games it brings. 

Now that the NFL regular will start on September 10, 2020, fans are getting more excited to see how the tournament will run. The 2020 NFL season is holding a 17-week playoff and will be opened by the Houstons Texans versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Other teams will also take their Divisional Playoffs the day after the opening. 

With this, the betting opportunities will come wider, and there is more room for bettors to earn substantially. Although it may sound simple to bet on NFL, choosing the best team and players to wager might be challenging. However, if you want to make successful football bets and make money effortlessly, here are some simple reminders to follow. 

NFL Betting football money

Maintain A Discipline 

In NFL betting, your greatest enemy is not the other bettors, but yourself. Do know that the basic rule to take heed when gambling is to spend what you can afford to lose. Do not go over your budget and compromise everything to win. There is no formula in betting, so make sure to be disciplined. 

One way to do that is to consider every betting category. There are many wagering types you can play in the NFL, and you must take the time to familiarize them. Gamble those categories you know so you can keep track of what you earned or lost. In cases where you play two or more categories, ensure that you are not spending too much. 

Shop A Lot 

Whether you are a seasoned or newbie bettor, making money through football bets demands you to shop for many bookies. It’s not bad to dedicate yourself to a single oddsmaker, but you might get tied up with the prizes they can offer. Also, they might limit the winnings you can get and stick to only what’s offered.

When you shop a lot, there is a reason for you to compare odds, prizes, offers, and bonuses. Although most bookies offer the same NFL betting games, the amount you might win can vary. Thus, it’s important to shop around and wager to the oddsmaker that gives out the best value to expand your earnings. 

Exploit On Rewards And Bonuses 

Who does not love rewards and bonuses? The NFL betting games can offer every punter tons of prizes. However, you can ballon your earnings by taking advantage of the rewards given by every bookie. These rewards are huge amounts, so make sure to capitalize on them in any way you can. 

In most cases, bookies make a separate betting category with additional rewards you can win. It is mostly posted on their homepage to attract every bettor. Make sure that you understand how these games should be played, along with the payout rules. It is to avoid any inconvenience once you win against the bookie. 

Do Research 

The NFL this year is exciting because of the things that happened in the drafting. It is the first time that all teams had to do virtual drafting and not participate in camps. Their choices are based on how the players did well last season. Some key players were traded, and rookies are more favored to join the team.

Undeniably, these changes can affect how the team will perform in the playoffs. Make sure to do your homework by taking a closer look at the team’s and player’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and injury reports. It is the best way of identifying whether you got the right team to wager in the NFL. 

Put Up A Record

It may sound a bit unimportant for some, but keeping records of the bet you made can help you decide your future games. If you want to become a pro bettor, list the categories that you win the most, and lose a lot. With this, you’ll have a guide on which betting category you do best and play efficiently. 

Listing the amount you win and lose also helps you decide your limits. If you go back to the first rule, you should only spend what you can afford to gamble. There is no need to look up at the sky and guess how much you can spend. If you have these records, you can reflect and understand how much you are going to spend. 


Betting in the NFL is fun and, at the same time, an expensive thing to do. The odds might become overwhelming, and at times you get tied up of which category to play. Thus, if you research,  shop around, make a record, take advantage of bonuses, and maintain discipline, you are heading on successful football betting games

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