If you are unaware what NFL survivor picks are, the basic concept is you make NFL picks throughout the season, but you can only pick a team once. Once you lose, you’re knocked out, so choose your Week 2 survivor picks wisely.

Last week, I went 2-1 on my picks and was a D’Andre Swift dropped pass away from being 3-0. There are some matchups this week that scream wins on paper, but that involves using good teams early in the season. I tried to find some games where you are going to get wins, as well as value with the teams picked. 

With that in mind, here are my best NFL Week 2 survivor picks.

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Week 2 Survivor Picks | NFL Picks

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions

After Week 1, this seems like an Aaron Rodgers middle finger tour to the rest of the league. Rodgers absolutely torched the Minnesota Vikings defense for four touchdowns. The Packers looked downright unstoppable against a horrid Vikings defense. They stay in the division this week to take on the Detroit Lions, who are down cornerbacks. This game seems like it will be eerily similar to the Packers’ game Week 1.

On the other hand, Matthew Stafford has given the Packers’ defense more than they can handle on multiple occasions in recent memory. I do not believe this to be the case though, as the Lions will be without star receiver Kenny Golladay. Look for the Packers to continue clicking on offense and beat the Lions big time on Sunday.   

Pick: Packers

Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers

Many people will instantly jump at the Chiefs for their pool this week. With good reason; the Chiefs look like the best team in football. Is this a safe play? Of course. Is this a smart play, though? The Chiefs are my number two favorite to win this week, due in part to what we saw them do against the Texans last week, as well as the Chargers showing some struggles against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Chargers sport two star cornerbacks in Casey Hayward and Chris Harris, but neither of them are fast enough to keep up with Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, MeCole Hardman and the rest of the Chiefs dynamic offense. The Chiefs offense will be way too much for the Chargers to handle. If you want to almost guarantee a victory, take the Chiefs this week, but beware that you won’t be able to pick them again the rest of the season. 

Pick: Chiefs

San Francisco 49ers vs New York Jets

The Buffalo Bills were my number one team last week, and that was due in large part to the New York Jets being their opponent. It seems like this season, that this trend will continue. The Jets are bad; it looks like every game on their schedule will be a loss. The 49ers are going to look to avenge their loss last week to the Cardinals, and what better team to beat the crap out of than the Jets?

The 49ers may have scared some people off of them, with that loss. They are also without Deebo Samuel, George Kittle and Richard Sherman. San Francisco still has a great defense, even with Sherman out. Their pass rush should be able to rattle Sam Darnold into making some bad decisions. Take the 49ers here if you are uneasy about them as a future pick, but if you want to save the 49ers than the other two options that were listed are also great picks. 

Pick: 49ers

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