Recent 2018 NA LCS Spring Split champions, Team Liquid, have decided to support the International Medical Corps (IMC). The IMC is a nonprofit that helps to provide relief for those who have been a victim of war, natural disaster, and disease. Currently, their work puts them in Africa and Yemen. For the charity, people can bid on the specially created shirts at eBay for Charity and all the proceeds from the auction will go directly to IMC’s work.


Team Liquid’s Charity Shirt

To support the IMC, Team Liquid have created their own special shirts complete with signatures from all the members on the team.

The bidding for Team Liquid’s exclusive shirt begins today and will close on April 16, so if you want to help a good cause and receive an exclusive shirt, be sure to head over to eBay for Charity!


Other Charity Shirts Up for Auction

Team Liquid joins the charity with five other community chosen creators, each who have also designed a shirt for the cause. Albert “Boxbox” Zheng designed and signed a shirt for top lane. Tim “Trick2G” Foley designed and signed a shirt for jungle. William “scarra” Li designed and signed a shirt for mid lane. David “Phreak” Turley designed and signed a shirt for bot lane. “LilyPichu” designed and signed a shirt for support.

The bidding for these shirts began on April 7 and will end on April 15.

You can read more about the charity and take a look at the other shirts up for auction here

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