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NFL Usage Stats for Fantasy Football

The following NFL stats display the usage for top skill position players in the league. These stats are great to help determine role and project value for fantasy football since opportunity leads to productivity.

All stats from FlurrySports are free to use for research, work or entertainment. All we ask is that you please link to FlurrySports when referencing a stat you found through us.

NFL Usage Stats Definitions:

  • Tm: Team the player is on
  • Pos: Player’s position
  • G: Games played
  • Looks: Targets + Carries
  • RZ Looks: Red zone looks
  • Tgt/RZ Tgt: Targets
  • Car/RZ Car: Carries
  • FPTS: Fantasy points using PPR scoring
  • FPTS/Tch: Fantasy points per touch

How to Use Table:

  • Data table is fully sortable…
  • Click the top row of the table to sort by category
  • Type in the search bar to filter data by those terms
  • Table can be filtered by team or position using the checkboxes above the table
  • Users can select viewable columns on the top right

*Updates are made on Tuesdays that include the previous week’s performances.

2021 NFL Usage Stats for Fantasy Football

wdt_IDPlayerTmPosGLooksRZ LooksTgtRZ TgtCarRZ CarFPTSFPTS/Tch