From the initial announcement of the NBA 2K League, there has been a lot of excitement around what was to come. On April 4th, the league held their draft, marking the beginning of an exciting, innovative sports league.

A total of 72,000 participants jumped in to compete for a spot. That number was eventually whittled down to 250, then the final 102. There are 17 NBA teams who are partnered with an esports team: Mavericks, Celtics, Jazz, Kings, Pistons, Blazers, Heat, Magic, Knicks, Bucks, Raptors, Wizards, Pacers, 76ers, Grizzlies, Cavs and Warriors.

For those not taking this new league seriously, you may want to rethink your stance. NBA commissioner Adam Silver was at the draft, which appeared very similar to the actual NBA Draft. Silver called the new esports league the “fourth league in our family.” Of course, they are joined by the NBA, WNBA and G League.

Another reason to take this league seriously is the paycheck these players receive. The 17 first-round selections earn a salary of $35,000, then the rest of the draftees earn $32,000 each. That’s not all, because all of these teams will also be competing for a prize pool of $1 million.

As you can imagine, these numbers sparked some anger with those who don’t quite understand the business side of this. The 2K League players will actually be earning more than most G League players, while WNBA players earned between $41,000-115,000 this past season.

You can argue that players in the G League and WNBA should make more money, I certainly won’t, but the 2K League players will earn every cent of their salary because they will bring a large audience to these games and plenty of new sponsors.

The following are the full draft results:

First Round

1Mavs GamingDimez (Artreyo Boyd)
2Celtics Crossover GamingoFAB (Albano Thomallari)
3Jazz GamingYeah I Compete (Shaka Browne)
4Kings Guard GamingMootyy (Mitchell Franklin)
5Pistons GTLets Get It Ramo (Ramo Radoncic)
6Blazer5 GamingOneWildWalnut (Dayne Downey)
7Heat Check GamingHotshot (Juan Gonzalez)
8Magic GamingKontruL (Christopher Cantrell)
9Knicks GamingG O O F Y 7 5 7 (Dayvon Curry)
10Bucks GamingDRAKE GRIFFIN (Aaron Rookwood)
11Raptors Uprising GCKenny (Kenneth Hailey)
12Wizards District GamingFresh Prince JT (Johnathon Fields)
13Pacers GamingWoLF (Bryant Colon)
1476ers GCRadiant (Ethan White)
15Grizz GamingWinner_Stayz_On (Larell Mitchell)
16Cavs Legion GCHood is Glitchy (Brandon Caicedo)
17Warriors Gaming SquadShawn_Win (Trong Nguyen)

Second Round

18Warriors Gaming SquadBsmoove (Alex Reese)
19Cavs Legion GCSick x 973 (Gerald Knapp)
20Grizz GamingAuthenticAfrican (Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan)
2176ers GCNewdini33 (Antonio Newman)
22Pacers GamingSwizurk (Nicolas Grech)
23Wizards District GamingShump (Austin Painter)
24Raptors Uprising GCDetoxys (Christopher Doyle)
25Bucks GamingoLARRY (Timothy Anselimo)
26Knicks GamingNateKahl (Nate Kahl)
27Magic GamingUCMANNY (Emmanuel Cruz)
28Heat Check GamingMaJes7ic (Stanley Lebron)
29Blazer5 GamingMama Im Dat Man (Nidal Nasser)
30Pistons GTiiNsaniTTy (Kris Dellarciprete)
31Kings Guard Gamingworthingcolt (Jhade Black)
32Jazz GamingMrSlaughter01 (Malik Leisinger)
33Celtics Crossover GamingARS0NAL x (Devon Peek)
34Mavs GamingDayfri (Ryan Conger)

Third Round

35Mavs GamingJLB (Jannis Neumann)
36Celtics Crossover GamingMelo East (Ahmed Kasana)
37Jazz GamingDeedz (DeMar Butler)
38Kings Guard GamingTimelycook (Eric Donald)
39Pistons GTixsplashkingxi (Rochell Woods)
40Blazer5 GamingDat Boy Shotz (Connor Rodrigues)
41Heat Check GamingI 24K Dropoff I (Basal Rose)
42Magic GamingSUPREME PULLER (Bilal Almashni)
43Knicks GamingYEYNotGaming (Eric Ward)
44Bucks GamingProcis1on (Jacob Walls)
45Raptors Uprising GCKobeyusuf (Yusuf Abdulla)
46Wizards District GamingReeseDaGod23 (Maurice Delaney)
47Pacers GamingJordanLocksUp (Tucker Henry)
4876ers GCI F E A S T (Mihad Feratovic)
49Grizz GamingayeTHREAT (Troy Minott II)
50Cavs Legion GCGodddof2k (Marcus Glenn)
51Warriors Gaming SquadLeVert (Jordan Gates)

Fourth Round

52Warriors Gaming SquadType (Xavier Vescovi)
53Cavs Legion GCiBall x ToXsiK (Brandon Raudenbush)
54Grizz GamingUniversalPhenom (Antonio Saldivar)
5576ers GCSteez (Alexander Bernstein)
56Pacers GamingvGooner- (Jamie Bull)
57Wizards District GamingJinsanity (Jin Choe)
58Raptors Uprising GCAll Hail Trey (Trevion Hendrix)
59Bucks GamingXxSTL2LAxX (Mark Hampton Jr.)
60Knicks Gamingiamadamthe1st (Adam Kudeimati)
61Magic GamingNachoTraynor (Brian Traynor)
62Heat Check Gamingsharpshooterlos (Carlos Zayas-Diaz)
63Blazer5 GamingLavish_phenom (Andron Thomas)
64Pistons GTNeNe (Matt Rux)
65Kings Guard GamingSafiya4ya (Shane Farrar)
66Jazz GamingTifeworld (Delano Allsup Jr.)
67Celtics Crossover GamingFusion (Alex Snowden)
68Mavs GamingBallLikeSeem (Waseem Talbert)

Fifth Round

69Mavs GamingDevillon (Ryan de Villon)
70Celtics Crossover GamingSpeedbrook (Thomas Genaj)
71Jazz GamingI 24k JSmoove I (Jaishon Scott)
72Kings Guard Gamingcowboyxcollazo (Christian Collazo)
73Pistons GTIm So Far Ahead (Fred Mendoza)
74Blazer5 GamingGRANT MONSTER (Grant Barker)
75Heat Check GamingJalen03303 (Jalen Jones0
76Magic Gamingmarley213s (Jorge Renteria)
77Knicks GamingIdrisdagoat6 (Idris Richardson)
78Bucks GamingKinG PeroXide (Matthew Hofmann)
79Raptors Uprising GCTsJosh (Joshua McKenna)
80Wizards District GamingxGREATxGILLY13 (Isaac Gilton)
81Pacers GamingFrostytheTruth (George Polk)
8276ers GCxTFr3sHxX (Tilton Curry)
83Grizz GamingPHENOM vv (Bono Nikolic)
84Cavs Legion GCTURNUPDEFENSE (Christopher Anderson)
85Warriors Gaming SquadPromeister (Cody Hart)

Sixth Round

86Warriors Gaming SquadEatSleepHoop15 (Wallace Williams III)
87Cavs Legion GCSavageDoWerk (Christopher Tracey)
88Grizz GamingDDouble2K (Daniel Davis)
8976ers GCZDS (Rashann Petty)
90Pacers GamingThe Playa (Samuel Beniaminian)
91Wizards District GamingDoom (Evan Hinsch)
92Raptors Uprising GCKingQuai614 (Seanquai Harris)
93Bucks GamingBigBay2k (Jovan Tenner)
94Knicks GamingxKPMR (Marc Rodriguez)
95Magic GamingKingCamRoyalty (Cameron Ford)
96Heat Check GamingHyPeR iS Pro (Rahmel Wilkins)
97Blazer5 GamingJomar Varela-Escapa (Jomar12 PR)
98Pistons GTJosephTheTruth (Joseph Marrero)
99Kings Guard GamingColeWorld2K (cole Motta)
100Jazz GamingStambreezy (Michael Stam)
101Celtics Crossover GamingPalmOilPlease (Mhabhusah Koffa)
102Mavs GamingHazzaUK2K (Harry Hurst)

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