Sure, it’s important to draft good players to your fantasy football team. However, you can draft the greatest team in the work, but if you’re using the default fantasy football team names that the site gives you, you are still the laughing stock of your league.

Some people want clever fantasy football team names and others want more meaningful names. However, the best fantasy football team names are the ones that will get you to laugh. So, if you want the 100 best fantasy football team names, click that link. If you want funny fantasy football team names 2022, then continue reading below.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2022

  • Aiyuken!
  • Baby Got Dak
  • Bad Mother Tucker
  • Belichickawowow
  • Country Roads, Take Mahomes
  • DakStreet Boys
  • Deebo’s Nutz
  • Dobbins is a Free Elf!
  • Fournetteflix and Chill
  • Gouldmember
  • Half Chubb
  • Hocktoberfest
  • Hot Chubb Time Machine
  • Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn
  • Insane Clowney Posse
  • Is It Too Late to Say Amari?
  • Jeudy, Jeudy, Jeudy Rocking Everywhere
  • Kamaravirus
  • Knockin’ on Evans’ Door
  • My Ball Zach Ertz
  • My Kupp Runneth Over
  • Myles High Club
  • NickelDak
  • Post Mahomes
  • Rollin’ Wit Mahomies
  • The Quadfather
  • The Rafi Bombs
  • The Real Slim Brady
  • Waddleburger
  • Watson’s Happy Endings
  • Watsonder My Towel
  • Yippee Ki-Yay Justin Tucker
  • Zach Wilson: Cougar Hunter
  • Zeke Squad

Rookie Fantasy Team Names 2022

  • Breece’s Pieces (Breece Hall)
  • Olave Nother (Chris Olave)
  • Olave Garden (Chris Olave)
  • For Whom David Bell Tolls (David Bell)
  • Werewolves of London (Drake London)
  • Slim Pickens (George Pickens)
  • Shakir the Bag (Khalil Shakir)
  • The Skyy is the Limit (Skyy Moore)
  • Kenneth Walker, Texas Ranger (Ken Walker III)
  • The Oregon Treylon (Treylon Burks)
  • Chip and Wan’Dale (Wan’Dale Robinson)
  • CLICK HERE for more rookie-inspired fantasy football team names!

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