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Dumbbell Deadlift Variations: How-to, proper Form and Technique

The popularization of functional training has affected the entire field of fitness, so some exercises have begun to change significantly. This is especially true for basic movements such as squats, bench presses and deadlifts. In some cases, dumbbells and weights can be an incredibly effective replacement for the barbell. One of the most striking examples is deadlift with dumbbells, this is an incredibly popular exercise, which, unlike its version with a barbell, can be done even at home. Also, the movement with dumbbells is easy to adapt to any complexes and supersets. In this article we will consider all the advantages, technical nuances and the benefits of doing deadlift with dumbbells.

dumbbell deadlidts

Main advantages and features of deadlift with dumbbells

At first glance, it may seem that the deadlift should be done exclusively with the barbell, but this is not at all the case. This is relevant only in cases where the working weight exceeds 90-100 kg. Otherwise, you can diversify the load, getting a number of advantages from this. What can the deadlift give if you replace the usual barbell with dumbbells?

  • less load on the lower back;
  • better weight control;
  • the forearms are more involved (which can increase progress both in the usual deadlift and in any other exercises);
  • develops coordination better.

Also, dumbbells make it easy to perform supersets and any other variations are much simpler. It is no longer necessary to disassemble and add pancakes between each approach if you are doing an exercise in the gym. Just take a few pairs of dumbbell of the right weight. Otherwise, everything is the same – the exercise involves large muscle volumes, causes a powerful anabolic response and is among the best movements among all possible. This applies not only to weight gain, but also to the growth of strength and endurance, as well as the expenditure of calories for weight loss. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages when comparing work with dumbbells with a classic deadlift. The main problem is the weight used. If with the bar you can progress almost to infinity by simply adding weight to the bar, then with dumbbells this will not work.

  • Firstly, due to the limited maximum projectile weight.
  • Secondly, due to the fact that after 80 kg working with dumbbells will be much more difficult in terms of compliance with the technique.

Therefore, if you want an exclusively power version for 3–6 repetitions, then this is only a barbell. The use of a dumbbell is more suitable for various complexes, WOD in CrossFit, for training with small weights and performing various complex techniques (for example, deadlift on straight legs).

Dumbell Deadlift Proper Form and Technique

Consider how to correctly make the classic version of deadlift. There are not many differences between dumbbell and barbell exercises, but some important details will play a critical role. Also, the technique will affect which muscles work during movement. A basic implementation is as follows:

  • Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold dumbbells on free hands. The back is straight, the neck is in a natural position (look in front of you). This is the starting position.
  • Slowly lower yourself, bending your legs at the knee and hip joints, keeping your back straight. Dumbbells should fall down near the outside of the hips, closer to the knees, but without touching.
  • At the bottom point, take a short pause (0.5 sec), and then with a powerful movement return to the starting position.

In terms of nuances, it is worth highlighting the position of the back and straightening in the knee joint. It is important to keep your back level throughout the approach. Otherwise, it is better not to do deadlift at all, because the exercise will begin to acquire a detrimental effect on the spine. The knees do not need to be fully extended, the lock will load the joint, which will negatively affect both its condition and movement efficiency. Try to straighten so that there is minimal bending in the knee with alpha pharma trenbolin available for sale in the USA. The most significant difference is weight retention. If the bar simply glides over your legs, the situation with dumbbells is a bit different. It is important to hold your hands so that during the squat, the dumbbells move down the sides of the hips, without touching. If the technique is not followed, there will be a very big chance to hook the knee with a dumbbell, which can cause injury.

Db deadlift variations

Despite the fact that there are many options for performing deadlift, among the entire list only a few exercises are used. It is important to consider only those options that can really provide certain advantages. 

Sumo deadlift with dumbbells: features, correct technique

This type of deadlift can also be done with dumbbells. This option will work fine on the inside of the thighs, which almost always lags behind. This is true for both men and girls. In this exercise, you need to hold the dumbbells with a direct grip (palms facing you) so that you can lower them directly in front of you, between your legs. The wider the setting of the legs, the more load will be placed on the inside of the thigh, but remember that with dumbbells you will have to maintain balance. This will cause a large load on the muscles of the back and cortex.

Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift: features, how-to

This type of deadlift is the most popular. It allows you to perfectly work out the lower back, trapeze, buttocks and hip biceps. Also, the option with straight legs goes well with other exercises and is suitable for series and supernets.

It is important to remember that the back should always be flat and the knees slightly bent. This will help to avoid harmful effects on the joint and reduce the risk of injury.

Single leg dumbbell deadlift: features, proper form

This type of deadlift can only be done with dumbbells. Exercise is very popular among girls, as it perfectly focuses the load on the buttocks. Also, it perfectly develops coordination, and does not cause compression load on the vertebrae. Among the minuses, it is worth noting the load on the knee joint, because you need to do the exercise with moderate weight and with careful observance of the technique. The technique looks like this:

  • Take the dumbbells in your hands and stand straight. The back is straight, legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Start tilting the body forward (keeping your back straight) and at the same time take one leg back. Dumbbells should fall down on free outstretched arms.
  • Pause and return to the starting position.

In this exercise, the hind leg should be pulled back in order to maintain balance. Ideally, you need to bend until the body and leg are on the same line (parallel to the floor), but if flexibility and coordination do not allow you to bend so low, then make a movement in the permissible amplitude. The best thing is to do the whole approach on one leg, and then do a series for the other leg.

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