Calvin Ridley is back in the news, and not for good reasons. News broke Monday that the young Atlanta Falcons wide receiver will be suspended through at least the 2022 NFL season due to betting on NFL games.

Calvin Ridley Suspended Indefinitely

The NFL is not going to play any games with this situation. As the sports betting legalization wave continues going throughout the country, various sportsbooks are partnering with the professional sports leagues. Sports betting is bringing in billions of dollars already, and everyone wants this to continue growing. However, when there’s a player betting on the game he is playing, it damages the integrity of the game and could make gamblers think twice before putting their hard-earned money on the result of said game.

It’s the equivalent of insider trading in the stock market, to a point.

Calvin Ridley Remains Out

The Falcons are used to being without Calvin Ridley, at this point. The Falcons wide receiver played only five games this season before stepping away due to mental health reasons. While the initial report is that Ridley was betting on games only when he was away from his team, it doesn’t make anything better. He has obvious connections to more than just his locker room. Giving him information that makes his sports gambling less of a gamble.

The NFL says there is no evidence that inside information was used or that any game was compromised. Obviously, they have to say this regardless of if this is true or not. And even if it is true, Ridley will be made an example of, as no single player is bigger than the NFL.

The situation is ongoing. All we know is that Ridley will not be playing in the NFL next season.

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