Let me start by telling you not to take anything you read too seriously…ever. Around 90 percent of the sports talk you will hear and read on the Monday following NFL games will be overreactions to get clicks, move the needle and say any other kind of hot takes to really get the juices flowing. The same is true today in NFL Week 1.

I personally hate mainstream media networks across the board. They report on certain topics, in a specific way, to get clicks. Hell, I personally have been told to write things that are not true, simply to create a catchy headline, thus generate traffic for their site.

This is my response to that. Every Monday during the NFL season will be “Overreaction Monday” here on FlurrySports. Everything I say will be backed up with evidence, but some arguments will be as shallow as piss on concrete. Let’s walk the fine line between complete BS (NFL Network) and actual analysis.

NFL Week 1 Overreaction Monday

Are the 49ers Having a Super Bowl Hangover?

The San Francisco 49ers opened their season at home against a division rival, the Arizona Cardinals. Ultimately, the Niners lost the game, 24-20.

In other words, this means the 49ers dropped a divisional game immediately, which could prove to be vital in the competitive NFC West. Not only that, but they lost to the worst team in the division.

Yes, San Francisco was without their top two wide receivers. Great. Maybe this allowed the Cardinals to stack the box and better defend against the run. It is certainly possible. However, the defense, which was the team’s biggest strength last season, got obliterated. They gave up 230 passing yards and 180 yards on the ground, which is an embarrassing amount for an “elite” defense.

Much like the Los Angeles Rams last season, we could see the 49ers have a Super Bowl hangover and not even make the playoffs.

The “TOMpa Bay GRONKaneers” Are a Flop

Tom Brady may not have had talented receivers in New England, but at least Uncle Bill told his receivers, and Tom, what to do. With this Tampa Bay team, it looked like a pick-up football game. It was a bunch of individuals, who were a team by default, trying to go out there and play together. However, there was zero chemistry. Well, except for Brady and the one white wide receiver he found.

The Buccaneers obviously lost, and Brady threw two touchdowns to two interceptions, with one of them being a pick-six. Losing a game to the best team in the division isn’t a great way to start the year, as it already puts them a step behind to win the NFC South.

Could they be this year’s version of the 2019 Cleveland Browns?

Packers Are the Best Team in the NFC

After an offseason of the media saying the Green Bay Packers overachieved and they got worst from 2019 to 2020, the Packers absolutely smashed the Minnesota Vikings. Aaron Rodgers was doing everything but “suck it” signs, passing for 364 yards and four touchdowns.

Green Bay put up 43 points against a Vikings team that was the odds favorite to win the division. The Packers could have scored much more, too. Everything they did was with ease, and even their defense showed up, forcing turnovers and even putting points on the board.

Gardner Minshew is a Franchise Quarterback

I am shaving my beard into a mustache and cutting all of my jeans into jorts as we speak! Why? Oh, a little thing called MINSHEW MANIA!

Gardner Minshew was on a mission to ruin my betting parlay and destroy all of the haters in his path. As one of the biggest underdogs of the weekend, Minshew led the Jacksonville Jaguars over the Indianapolis Colts. Not only that, but Minshew completed 19-of-20 passes and threw three touchdowns.

Screw “losing for Lawrence,” the Jaguars could find themselves alone atop the AFC South, if the Tennessee Titans lose on Monday Night Football. At this point, they may as well go ahead and run the table.

The Eagles Are a Disaster

Well, maybe this one is less of an overreaction. The Philadelphia Eagles failed to score in the second half against the Washington Football Team, giving up a big lead. Washington scored 27 unanswered points and went on to win, 27-17.

The Eagles already have injury issues, and it showed on Sunday. After losing both their left tackle and right guard this offseason to injuries, Carson Wentz was sacked EIGHT times. We know Wentz is injury-prone as it is, so get ready to see Josh McCown.

While Washington may not be the worst team in the division, you could make the argument that Philadelphia is. They better make some calls, if they want to have any kind of chance this season.

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