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Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Fantasy football draft season is officially here, and now is the perfect time to grab the FlurrySports Fantasy Football Draft Kit! While we are releasing it to you today, this is not the final product. I will continually be updating the rankings and adding more resources for you as they are requested! So, leave your suggestions for more resources in the comments or over on our Discuss page, which will be the best place for you to ask questions to our experts and the rest of the community throughout the season. You can also answer other questions and earn reputation points, which will be utilized in future giveaways!

Enjoy this premium draft kit for free!


Resources Included in this Draft Kit:

  • Positional Rankings
  • Top-120 Rankings
  • Positional Tiers
  • Average Draft Positions
  • Positional Strength of Schedule
  • RB Handcuffs
  • Team Explosive Plays
  • Team Depth Charts
  • Draft Articles
  • The Best Team Names

Fantasy Football Draft Kit

If you feel like it…

During the production of this draft kit, I had a couple people mention that it should be a paid product because of how much is included and how much time went into it. Well, I clearly didn’t listen to these people. However, if you really enjoy the draft kit and feel like giving back to FlurrySports, I will leave this PayPal link if you choose to give a tip. It absolutely is not a necessity, but just an option if that is where your head is at.

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