Are you a fan of virtual sports such as fantasy football? If so, you are likely already aware of how this entire sector has enjoyed an unparalleled level of popularity in recent times. There are several reasons for such an observation. The first involves the technological innovations which have taken place over the past few years. Common examples include more powerful chipsets, larger smartphone display screens and access to high-speed wireless Internet. The second arises from how the health crisis has changed the ways in which we interact with the world. As more individuals are relying upon the digital community for a source of entertainment, it makes perfect sense that esports are set to reap the benefits. So, what can we expect to see in 2021?

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A Growing Number of Providers

We need to remember that the esports sector is worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Therefore, budding online businesses will be looking to capitalize upon such a burgeoning marketplace. This is great news for players, as they can now choose from a host of different service providers. The only possible downside is that some websites are naturally more reputable and transparent than others. So, a fair amount of research will also need to take place.

Multi-Faceted Online Gaming Sites

Another interesting prediction that is set to come to pass involves how traditional gaming-related websites are becoming much more varied. In the past, certain providers would focus upon casino games such as roulette, blackjack and video poker. Others were more centered around sports betting. Rarely would these two sectors cross paths. This has all begun to change thanks to the appeal of esports. We should therefore expect to witness a growing number of online portals offering many more options in order to appeal to a wider fan base.

An Increased Reliance Upon Artificial Intelligence

One of the features which has served to define e-sports over the years is the sheer level of entertainment that players can experience. However, past games tended to be rather lackluster in terms of interactivity and customization options. Artificial intelligence has already addressed these concerns to a large expect. 2021 should witness even “smarter” platforms which offer a greater level of user-friendly responsiveness.

Stunningly High Jackpots

What can online portals do to attract a much larger niche audience? One of the most effective strategies is to allure new players through progressive jackpots. This is already commonplace with games such as slots and poker, so it makes perfect sense that esports is set to adopt the same practices. In fact, we have already seen some payouts rise well into the tens of thousands of pounds. It will be interesting to see how generous the providers will become considering that more players are joining than ever before.

To put it simply, the world of esports should enjoy a bright and profitable future. Regardless of your specific interests, the chances are high that you will be impressed with what is in store.


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