Why Riven is Much Stronger Now

Riven has been a popular pick among laners because of the rune, Unsealed Spellbook. The rune allows Riven to capitalize on her all-in combo because it reduced the cooldown of summoner spells by 25%, which is huge. Not only did it provide a cooldown, it allowed champions to swap out one summoner spell for another. Needless to say, Unsealed Spellbook definitely made Riven a scarier champion to play against.

ROX Tigers vs. Kingzone DragonX

In a LCK game between ROX and Kingzone, Kingzone’s top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha locked in Riven against the opposing top laner’s Gangplank. Khan proved too much for his enemy top laner as he constantly pushed in waves. Later on into the game, Khan had already gotten one kill and three assists and was able to take on multiple members of the ROX Tigers.

Khan Wins the Game

Towards the end of the game when Kingzone were pushing down the middle lane looking to siege more objectives with their Baron buff, ROX Tigers fought back. However, Khan was flanking ROX Tigers and was able to land a massive three man stun on them, followed by Riven’s ultimate which instantly killed all three enemies. Afterwards, Khan was able to chase down the remaining two ROX Tigers members and grabbed himself the pentakill. This allowed his team to get the easy victory.

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