The past several seasons have been forgettable for the Denver Broncos, which led to an offseason with many changes. They have made a couple of big changes ahead of NFL Free Agency. First, the team released star safety Justin Simmons. Now, the Broncos made a Jerry Jeudy trade, sending him to the Cleveland Browns.

Head coach Sean Payton joined the Broncos last season with the permission that he could make major changes in order to turn the team around, if his first season with the team did not go as he liked. It looks like Payton will now tear the former Broncos down, building his culture from nearly the ground up. Let’s take a closer look at this Jerry Jeudy trade.

Broncos Make Jerry Jeudy Trade, Sending Him to Cleveland

In the past, sending a player to Cleveland was the ultimate “FU” a team could make. Just take a look back at when Bill Belichick sent Jamie Collins to Cleveland after wanting more money. With his Jerry Jeudy trade, the Broncos are sending a message to Jeudy, but they are also sending him to a more positive situation.

Broncos Get: 2024 fifth-round pick, 2024 sixth-round pick
Browns Get: WR Jerry Jeudy

The Denver Broncos rid themselves of Jerry Jeudy, who is a player who seems to possess talent, but he has never been able to make it translate to the NFL field on a consistent basis. With Payton being an “old school football guy,” it makes sense that he doesn’t want to put up with the personality of Jeudy without the production on the field.

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However, for the Browns, the Jerry Jeudy trade has the potential to be very positive. They now have a receiving corps of Amari Cooper, Jerry Jeudy, Elijah Moore and David Njoku. If Deshaun Watson can avoid sexually assaulting women and get back to his form from a few seasons ago, this could quickly become one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Jeudy remains in a WR2 role, but it’s possible Kevin Stefanski could use Jeudy better and make sure he doesn’t disappear on the field for long stretches going forward. In short, the Browns gave up very little for a talented receiver. We will see if it pans out.

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