Have you ever watched an NFL game and marveled at the strength and competitiveness of the best athletes in the world? Most NFL players grew up playing several sports outside of football, and sometimes you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to see them in another capacity outside the gridiron. With plenty of success of football players in the WWE, it makes you wonder what current NFL players could have success in the squared circle.

We have recently seen star players like Patrick Mahomes, Jason Kelce and George Kittle make brief appearances at WWE events, but which NFL players could make the full transition to being every-night Superstars? We know Mahomes has an open invitation to join the WWE, but who would be the best at it? Below, we dive into an alternate universe where some of your favorite badasses on Sunday turn in their helmets and shoulder pads to strap up their boots as in-ring grapplers.

5 NFL Players Who Could Be WWE Superstars

George Kittle

Let’s start with an obvious one. You may have seen George Kittle, the San Francisco 49ers’ star tight end and WWE superfan, at many live events already. Most recently, he was at WrestleMania 40, where he received a beautiful shower of boos from the hometown Philly crowd. Kittle grew up watching wrestling and shows true love and passion for the industry, and his infectious personality is perfect for the business. Kittle is the type of guy who would catch on quickly with his look, athletic ability, and knack for delivering promos, which we’ve seen that skillset come through in some of his NFL interviews.

The WWE has given Rob Gronkowski a small but legit appearance as a wrestler before, but Kittle would take things a step further by relating to the fans as an all-around cool dude and fan favorite on the mic. He’s a clear choice for this list, and having voiced his love of wrestling for many years now, don’t be surprised if Kittle makes the jump to the ring whenever he decides to hang up his cleats. Of all players named on this list, he’s the only one who could truly end up as a wrestler. Kittle reminds me of a way less weird but more frat-boy version of The Ultimate Warrior, or if “Macho Man” Randy Savage was a “bro.” The possibilities are endless and hilarious. Kittle would be gold in the WWE, and it would be a perfect marriage. He’s the obvious pick for a current NFL player to join the WWE.

Penei Sewell

Now, the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history, the Detroit Lions right tackle won’t be going anywhere any time soon, but can you imagine his intensity and ferocity inside a WWE ring? Sewell has anchored the Lions’ offensive line as a nasty, gritty big man who sets the tone early by punching you in the mouth, and boy, could he deliver some blows as a WWE Superstar.

A native of American Samoa, it’s easy to envision Penei as a wrestler when you consider the lineage of Samoan superstars. The Rock, High Chief Peter Maivia, Rikishi, The Wild Samoans, Umaga, The Usos and Roman Reigns come to mind as successful and legendary Samoan wrestlers who have left their imprint on the industry. Sewell’s aggressive on-field style would translate greatly into the squared circle. One could see his infectious personality translating into a fan-favorite character, but he would also make sense as a scary heel (bad guy). I could definitely see him as the muscle of The Bloodline faction!

Tyreek Hill

Here’s a fun one. Tyreek Hill‘s blazing speed and unparalleled athleticism shine bright on the football field, as he isn’t called “The Cheetah” for nothing. Hill isn’t a big wide receiver, but he would fit nicely into the field of wrestlers with the size and stature once known as the “cruiserweight” division. At 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 185 pounds, Hill would be perfect as a high-flying, acrobatic performer who wows the WWE Universe with high-risk maneuvers and amazing top-rope aerial attacks. His persona would be great too, as some of Hill’s interviews for NFL media show his humor and outgoing personality.

For a current comp, I’m thinking of current WWE Superstar Ricochet, a former gymnast who pulls off insane and seemingly impossible feats every week. The WWE could use more guys like this to help diversify the roster, and Hill is the best NFL wideout to bring that energetic spark of athletic prowess to the WWE.

Maxx Crosby

This is a good one. Maxx Crosby is a scary defensive end who explodes off the edge for the Las Vegas Raiders. This dude is a nightmare for opposing offensive lines. When he’s rushing the quarterback, it reminds me of John Cena’s famous first lines on WWE television: “Ruthless Aggression.”

One might remember the now-famous moment from the 2023 Christmas game upset against the Chiefs when Crosby was seen on camera sniffing something known as smelling salts, which heighten alertness. I didn’t think this guy needed any more competitive edge than he already has, but Crosby’s style and attitude reflect traits that could translate well into the ring. Plus, how funny would it be to see him walking down the entrance ramp before a match with his smelling salts in one hand and a big, fat cigar like the ones he smokes in the locker room after victories in the other?

Crosby is another infectious personality that would terrorize opponents as a big and agile wrestling force. He also has some experience with boxing and MMA, suggesting wrestling could be a natural fit. With his size, athletic ability and persona, I compare him to a more slimmed-down version of the legendary Bam Bam Bigelow, with shades of Vader and Braun Strowman sprinkled in. Crosby is a menace on the field and would be a problem in the ring. He might be my favorite on this list. Watch out for Madd Maxx!

Aaron Rodgers

Well, here’s a curveball for you, but hear me out. At the age of 40 and looking slower and less athletic each year, plus coming off an achilles injury, I’m not telling you the New York Jets quarterback would be a great wrestler. I’m thinking outside the mat. We know quarterbacks aren’t the biggest or strongest guys, but what Aaron Rodgers could bring to WWE lies within his controversial soundbites and easy-to-hate personality: The manager role.

Managers used to be more prominent in the past, often put alongside heels to add that extra dramatic effect to really put bad guys over. His personality and outspokenness, sometimes for the worst, provide the perfect prototype for a manager in the wrestling industry. The role needs a revival and some new life, as Paul Heyman is currently the only manager that comes to mind in this era of WWE. Rodgers could help the company make a comeback in this area by serving as that exact selfish, stubborn and possibly cheating lackey that used to make the role such a great addition in years past.

I can picture him alongside some anti-government, conspiracy-theory loon who is losing his mind and has Rodgers there as his hype man backing up all his unconventional and unpopular opinions. It would be absolutely perfect. I look at him and think of the “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, who used to peddle around his megaphone and shout all kinds of things while leading The Nasty Boys. Jim Cornette and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan also come to mind as great comps of what Rodgers could be in WWE. It works well on so many levels. Rodgers is that guy everyone loves to hate, and that always spells ratings. Plus, he and Pat McAfee could have a fun little partnership or even a feud. You’re welcome.

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